Do you ever feel that your importance is in doubt?
Many of us at some time in our lives will feel unworthy, especially when it comes to our feelings on spirituality which in fact lead us directly to our beliefs.

It would be no surprise to hear that you, like me, at one time felt that God did not exist and despite a Christian upbringing felt that because my life was not turning out as I considered it should, that God was not there anymore or that I was considered insignificant. I have also heard some in my own family remark that God had deserted them! Not possible of course, just that we forget or reject that he is with us constantly.

It was only when I left home to take up a student apprenticeship 200 miles away that my homesickness and loneliness drove me to seek solace in the church and I attended confirmation classes ending up being confirmed by the Bishop of Lewes in St Peter’s in Brighton where I studied back in the 1960s.

I had expected the event of the hand of the Bishop on my head to be something of a moment of revelation but it turned out to be quite the reverse, for reasons I will not go in to now involving others, that had the opposite effect to my expectations.

However since that uneventful day there were happenings in my young life which I could only describe as miraculous when a power manifested, that would normally have been beyond me, which changed my life completely. It was from those early interventions that reawakened feelings from my youth when I was certain of a God which can only be described as a remembered presence.

There are many friends and relatives who call themselves atheist that hit me in the heart for I feel that they are missing so much. Some even had as religious an upbringing as myself, if not more rigid, and maybe therein lies the problem of recognition. But of course the supreme gift of Free-will cannot be denied and it is up to the individual to choose.

I wonder if any of those who deny the Lord Logos are aware that every single thought that they may have is a cause and therefore has an effect not just locally but on a Universal scale.

You see, regardless of that Free-will choice there are Universal Laws that take effect and respond to every thought. So, however worthy you believe that you are, how significant any decision, after much deliberation, or brief thought you may have it is of the greatest importance.

I will hazard a guess that many of you have a Dream Catcher hanging in your room and you may believe that it will help you to remember your dreams or even have a more far reaching effect, but just imagine for a moment that part of the Universal Consciousness, which is in fact the Lord Logos or God is like a huge Dream Catcher that receives and reacts to your every thought however important or insignificant you may deem or dream it to be.

You see, whether you believe it or not the Law of Attraction together with all the other Laws of the Spirit are there and will react to whatever you think, say or do!
You see, each of those thoughts, words or actions are all significant and the only thing that will affect how the Universe responds to them is whether you accept or deny its Laws existence.

The choice, as always, is yours!
Remember that you are the most important element in your Universe. You are the centre of your Universe and your Universe will only respond to the way you accept or deny it and nothing is too small or too large to be ignored.

Everything you are, everything you believe and everything you do is of the greatest importance to you, your life, and the lives of all those whom you interact with. Remember also that you interact not just in the physical dimension but your very thoughts themselves have an effect on all living beings in all the kingdoms and dimensions that surround you.
Love, David


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2 Responses to IMPORTANCE

  1. Totally agree… The Choice is ours and ours alone… we choose.. And those thoughts are of the up-most Importance as we create via them and our actions which follow them.. 🙂 Sue xox

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