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CO000203 Red Cloud brings a Gift of Peace:

Christmas is a time traditionally associated with Peace despite the carnage that invades our space in every news cast. Red Cloud came to talk with us about the peace we all crave. Greetings. All: Greetings. We feel that we should … Continue reading

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In this strange world we inhabit where on average 12 are killed in Pakistan every day … Abraham comments: These beings, that are acting out in those ways that you find so awful, are tormented and suffering in ways that … Continue reading

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Osiris speaks:

Greetings. Your time passes so quickly, there is so much to do, you must remember that for many of your years now your time and measurement of time has speeded up. Now this is why you feel such pressure to … Continue reading

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Grace and Angels

Grace is all about alignment. Angels are so graceful because of their alignment with Divine Will. This alignment enables them to transcend the boundaries between realities. And now they are coming into your reality more and more. Not because they … Continue reading

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Once the decision is made by the Soul to take a certain set of conditions for the next life, all is set in motion and cannot be changed. It is therefore desirable to take notice of wise council in order … Continue reading

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