We are all children of the Divine, a Divine whom I may have referred to as a Being in the past and many still revere as the bearded old man reaching out over the Sistine Chapel ceiling to give the spark of life to humanity in the form of his first child Adam, by the mere touch of his Divine finger.

Now though, you will hear me speak about the Lord Logos, mysterious mind or consciousness, it is another word for the Spirit which is appropriate since we will often refer to the personalities of the Angelic Realm or the Realm of Souls as Spirits.

Don’t we just love names? But you know names are not used elsewhere since it is energy and spiritually telepathic communication that is used, something that we find very hard to imagine since we cannot see it or touch it. So it is just us that give names to everything.

We have spoken about the way we receive the signals or energies from Angels or from God, but our mysterious mind is not only a receiver but also a transmitter. Every thought that we have, you may imagine, is private which is partly true except for those exceptional beings on Earth who can pick up our thoughts, maybe not in totality but certainly partly.

But think for a moment about the consciousness of every cell in our bodies that responds to the thoughts of the master consciousness or our mysterious mind. You know, this is where mind over matter gets its mechanics from, and how it works as the consciousness or simple volition of ever cell responds to the ripples of the mysterious mind, the Master Consciousness of each of us.

Now use your imagination yet again to project from this point to those volitions creating vibrations that emanate from us like a huge bodily transmitter out into the Universe.

These are the mechanics of the way in which the Law of Attraction can respond to every thought, every ripple, like a pebble in a pond, that spreads from the mind throughout the body and out to the Universe.

I said not so long ago that there are ‘none so deaf as those who do not want to listen’! Now look carefully at your thoughts which you imagined were private, but I hope from the above you can see have an effect on every cell and therefore every organ of your body.

Is there a moral here? Yes I think so: Take great care with your thoughts!
In which direction do you think thoughts of hate will take you?
Conversely how will thoughts of positive loving, kindliness not only to others but also to yourself affect you and them?

Thoughts of hate will definitely affect the very cells of your own body, just imagine that your thoughts are not say as bad as hate may sound, but thoughts of being unworthy, suffering or incapable, do you realise that those thoughts are dangerous to the point of killing off certain of your own cells?

You may be under the impression that you can replace those damaged or dead cells easily, but not so my dear friends they could take a lifetime to renew or never be replaced and all down to your own careless thoughts.

Just imagine how thoughts or worries about the slightest discomfort or pain may lead you to believe that you are suffering from something far worse than tiredness from say over doing it!

Unfortunately you have no control over the spread of the ripples of the vibrations that you create by your thoughts. The same as we have no control over the energetic changes in the magnetic fields of the Sun and the Earth that have recently permitted us to see the aurora borealis, normal confined to the northern regions of the Earth, but down as far as southern England and other southern European countries. More of that under Aurora!

What does that tell you about the possibilities of the spread of our own vibrations and ripples of mind? Certain things in this amazing journey are purely natural over which we have no control, despite what the prophets of doom would have you believe, but you have ultimate control over your own thoughts so my advice is to use it!

Let any ripples over the calm lake of your peaceful mind be gentle ripples of love and peace. With Love, David


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