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As of today Angel Messenger takes flight
to work more closely with
Hanukah the Scribe.

You may know that we took over the Angel
from our Compadre about a year ago and
we have to tell you …
the time has come for yet another change:
As you may be aware Angels go where they are needed!

We would like to thank all our readers
and hope that you have enjoyed our company
as much as we have had the pleasure of being with you.

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Much Love, Light and many Bright Blessings
Hoping to read your comments on Hanukah.

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Imagine if you could call out one word as you would in the canyons, caves, hills and mountains of the world just to hear your echo, but what if you could call your word out into the Universe and it would be echoed and reflected back from every point of light that you could see with the strongest telescope in the night sky from this tiny speck of Earth.

What would your word be?

Remembering that if you could travel to the farthest point of the known Universe there would be further galaxies and Universes with a zillion more lights ready to receive and reflect back to you your one word.

Let me tell you, I would like to reach that farthest point ready to leap into another Universe.


I am a great believer that in this and other Star systems and Galaxies in just our Universe there are a multitude of intelligent beings and naturally many more intelligent than us, if we are to accept the number of visitations of the technologically advanced craft that shine in our night skies from time to time.

But it seems that both here and in other Galaxies the norm appears to be that to fuel the evolution of all the different intelligent species that there must be, they like us, have to extract and mine and deplete their home planet to the point of the many dead husks that we have noticed circling stars, and then hopefully, with improved technological advances, be able to move on to find another planet to plunder.

In my youth I was an avid follower of the legend of Arthur, his knights and round table to the extent of learning about and practicing the art and science of Heraldry then for a while I read up about the philosophy of the North American Nations through the teachings of their Shaman. I believed in their way of life and respect for the other kingdoms of nature and my totems given to me that are still with me today of the Bear and prehistoric Wolf.

Many a dream is shattered and some come to life as we delve deeper into our past and I was obviously gratified to know that my interest in both those stories was from energies carried through from true past life experiences.

I was gratified to be at one with the high aspirations of the Knights and their belief in a pure and just society, but the idyll of the North American way was cut from under my feet when I saw the Last of the Mohicans, with Daniel Day Lewis, and I realised that his relationship with the Huron was less than brotherly and later learnt that the fight for power would often involve, not counting coup to gain your eagle feather, but the coups of sons killing their fathers to become chief.

Nothing changes and it seems that history or the karma from past lives has taught us nothing for we still fight for land, for position and for power. It must be in our Genes so some say! Actually no! We are of animal stock and we are doing exactly what the animals do, fighting for prominence either sexually or for territory. You see it is our instinct to do so, although some I have to Put-in a word to say are more animal like than others!

But I believe that there is a place in a far off Galaxy where the folks that live on the hill are happy, at peace and content with their status quo, and their form of evolution which is to evolve along the avenues not of building and creating iron, steel and concrete jungles, but to be at one with their own jungles both natural, knowing every leaf, tree and flower and how it serves and benefits their lives and the jungles of their consciousness, being truly mindful of every thought, idea and belief with their origins and inherent wisdoms and taming their own dragons en route!

They would never contemplate the need to destroy their home planet understanding that the one word called out in a canyon or to the Universe that would be echoed and reflected back one thousand times in beneficent love, would be the same as my word, the word that means Word.

It is said that the repetition and chanting of the name of the Lord is a prerequisite to spiritual practice so whatever the name of your Lord, call his name in any canyon and out into the Universe where the light of every star which will reflect it back to you is the light of that Divine self that is eternal, is infinite and is in fact in you.

When you call out in a canyon or valley what do you hear back? Yes it’s you it’s the reflection of yourself. Not quite the same as your normal voice and in fact you have in that process changes the other sounds in that vicinity by your call. You have within you part of the Divine which you see in the light of every star in the Universe. The Lord Logos. Or any other name that you choose to represent the Light of your Divinity.
Call, repeat and listen for the echo with Love, David

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So you are going to say we have been here before, wondering where we are, where we want to be and why we are here. Difficult questions to find answers and to reconcile those answers with what we really feel about our whereabouts.

So no doubt you have asked yourself the title of this piece maybe more than once especially if you are a traveller, and when I think back I realise that we are preparing to move yet again and in my case for the fourteenth time. However I have it on good authority that this will be the last move in this life!

I am also informed that although I have been not only been meant but empowered to be where I have been for however long in each location and that although hidden in shall we say an occult sort of way, in other words not in a conscious understanding of why, its individual purpose has now all been explained.

In the joy of our present place of a retreat for close on eleven years in the tranquillity of rural Spain we are conscious of an up and coming journey to the place of a new point on the map which will bring many attributes together.

You see, I understand that whereas some believe that we incarnate for a specific purpose, I believe that the purpose changes during a lifetime due to the requirements of each location, culture and it has to be said ability, of yourself of course, but of others also!

There is no doubt that there are few of us that could know from birth our true purpose, and even if so we only have to look at the life of the Master Jeshua (Jesus) who spent the first twenty to thirty years of his life travelling, learning and formatting his modus in order to bring his brilliant message, the message of light and love, to mankind.

In each location of those thirteen moves so far, I am aware of the reasons why and I am also aware of the impetus that enabled me to look forward to a move to a better future in each case. Obviously there were physical elements where some of the talents given to me were put to good use, but there were other scenarios that I can admit took me away from the Logos and then returned me more strongly to the Logos through feelings akin to home sickness and loneliness. I believe all part of the Divine Plan!

The retreat into solitude for the last eleven years has also been part of the plan in two different places, but each with their demands both physical and spiritual. Solitude proved not to be loneliness, that I experienced in my relative youth, but more of revelation since together we have been able to access spiritual truths and teachings that have prepared us for the final purpose, at least on this plane of existence.

There has also been a grand coming together of what I can best describe as the essences from previous lives spent together on Earth many, many times that are accumulated in this life proving that where we are right now is where we want to be, although it might not seem like it at times, given credence and understanding to our gifts, but in the ongoing quest for joy and happiness exemplified in the forthcoming move, we see ourselves as becoming ready for the next step and also in that becoming ready in our revealed knowledge for the future that will take us beyond the confines of this plane of existence.

The one problem for me has been to be able to relax, because although I appreciate where I am right now I have always found it difficult to relax since I have a constant need to be doing. Something that I work with even as I write! Always asking myself what else should I do, how can I help and make things better?

The work ethic has if anything been a stumbling block but happy to say I am beginning to overcome little by little, mainly because the body just cannot do what it could in the past. The quest to find better and better has also been for me a personal physical triumph since the body has benefitted from a new and enhanced self healing technique as a combination of natural remedies, pure foods and the wisdom of communication, which I recommend to all.
Wishing all hearts peace and all minds happiness. David
PS. Make no mistake you are where you really want to be!

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Dear Readers,

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