Most of us learn to ride a bike in our youth although I know of some who’ve totally missed out on that little marvel of transportation and sport in this physical life.

But on a more serious note I wonder how many of you follow the cycles, the circles and turns of up to 360º that bring us often back to starting points and challenges to renegotiate? Maybe we didn’t make it well enough the first time round even in this life never mind past lives! So it’s as if we give ourselves a second shot at the target to get it right.

And talking of targets we are reminded that the aim is not as important as the journey or the work involved in getting there, even if we do not make it … as you see … we can always try again.

Have you found out yet why you are here? Part of the process of knowing yourself is to find out exactly why you are on this journey, which should be a journey in a constant state of bliss, as Buddha reminds us, through joy to that elusive level of consciousness called happiness.

When you talk to a Sadhu in India the conversation is full of smiles, giggles and laughter and when they converge in their millions on the Ganges for the Kumbh Mela, some completely naked according to their sect, it is a colourful, cheerful and joyous occasion of the greatest religious significance for them all.

It’s no good asking me or anyone else why you are here, you and only you are the one to know, or to root out and find the answer to that conundrum of consciousness by your own determined effort.

Does it sound like too strong a task, too arduous an ask? But think about it: How else are you to understand your true purpose if you are kept in the dark doing wheelies in tight little circles and not knowing why? Or maybe stuck in a rut or a tram line taking you in the wrong direction.

One of the ways of finding out is to dig deep into your consciousness to find your true feelings about everything, but in particular about what makes you happy. I call myself a happy person, singing and dancing all the time, but there are those who have accused me of being a comedian and that I should try to concentrate on more serious subjects! Incidentally dancing to the music of your youth is a good way to exercise and also to reduce your blood pressure which is likely like mine to rise as you age.

The same thing happened with my writing when I was full of experiences and stories and just had to get them down on paper … again I was told to put away childish things and that it was time to get serious and realise my true purpose.

You see the pathway changed from stories to spiritual senses when I was able to steer myself not full circle but part way round to the right exit on the roundabout of this life to pedal my true purpose in these posts which I know are leading me to a new life in the not too distant future.

It is joy and happiness that will guide you to your truth. It may be totally against the wishes or recommendations of others particularly parents or partners, but take heart mine were totally against what I did, and many are proven wrong when they should have known better and left us to make our own choices.

We will often do as we are told, get the grades, go to college or to uni get the degree and then, at that age and with that piece of paper, do something entirely different that brings us joy and happiness. Good for us I say and good for you for doing what gives you joy.

Some of us, and these I admire the most, either refuse to be dictated to or do not have the chance of education, do their own thing anyway. They surprise the rest of us with their achievements, pedalling fast in their own direction of joy and happiness, good for them too!

Of course there are those who do know why you are here, but here’s the trick they will not tell, they are sworn to secrecy knowing that it is part of your soul growth to find your own way, to find out what really makes you happy and to follow that cycle track even if it means making tight little circles on the way every now and then.

In my case I came to Spain from England thinking that the easy life in the sun would be the best place with cheaper living costs and a Mediterranean diet, where the kids would be sure to visit for cheap holidays, obviously the ideal retirement package!

Well, it didn’t quite work out like that after the world financial crisis and growing families making travel too expensive we were left on our own, but in that solitude we found our true vocation realising that it would be necessary to perform our true purpose by returning to England.

But my partner is one of the ones who does not ride a bike, too old for a BMX anyway, so we will be taking our tandem to complete the circle back to blighty as soon as maybe! In the meantime watch this space as we try to help you to negotiate the many cogs, wheels and circles that drive us.

May you find your true purpose and understand why you are here and remember cycling is good for you too, if you can manage to stay upright!
With Love, David


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6 Responses to WHY ARE YOU HERE

  1. Eloquently put David. Many people will never find out who they are or where they are destined to be and many of them are happy all the same, but for me, life is a journey, a journey with many forks and blockages in the road and a journey of which I love, with all my heart. I will forge on and keep riding that bike wherever life takes me. Good luck to you my friend.
    namaste with Love

  2. I never learned how to ride a bike either David… But I do hope that I learn why I am here.. The long and short of it is we need to learn how to love unconditionally… And unlike me aged 7 who fell off and never got the chance to ride a bike again ( we never were well off enough to have one of our own ) So my escapade was on a boys bike who was a neighbour.. So we should not give up, but keep getting back up… And keep following our roads along our various journeys… Thank you David.. 🙂
    Blessings Sue

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