The airwaves have been buzzing for a while and many families are trying to cope with the advent of special kids on the block! They have been given names like Indigo or Star Children, but what’s in a name? Don’t we just love names? But let’s just accept this change in consciousness as all part of our natural evolution!

Our own family has its share and our friends agree that children born recently and probably from now on will have an inbuilt wisdom that finds the laws, rules and regulations of mankind difficult to accept, and the fact that before they can speak our language their frustration is evident when their needs and desires are not understood.

They may even be labelled as unruly or downright disobedient, but the fact is that they need a strong but gentle parenting regime to give them a firm framework within which to find their own level until they are able to understand us and our antediluvian ways and we can begin to understand them and allow them the freedom to fit into their own framework within our own, as a family before they have to contend with the wider world.

So if we go back a notch or two to the time when they cannot yet communicate, and here I can call on personal experience of a little one having to resort to pulling hair, kicking and biting to get attention, you may be wondering why the parents in that instance were not more demonstrative and rigid in their discipline. I can tell you that the worst thing in the world for these children would be a military style of discipline.

On the contrary treating these children as you normally would for kids of their age is not the answer either! Each must be approached as individual of course, but a more than normal adult approach is required and you will be surprised at the understanding of such an elevated communication.

The fact is that for the parents in question I had the strongest feeling they were guided although they have no such inclination and acted in exactly the right way for that particular child trying to be as understanding as possible with almost an inbuilt knowledge themselves of the need to allow the feelings of the little one to find their own level of happiness.

Like prayer and other means of communication, it’s not what you say or pray, and as we see here, before even communication on our level is possible it is the thoughts and feelings of a baby through to adolescence and then adulthood that are the most important means of communication since reactions rely not on words but on the frequencies of the feelings that are felt within.

When I see the appalling state of some of the displaced children, from say a place like Syria, which the Save the Children Fund aid workers have to deal with, my heart goes out to them, aid workers as well, and I wonder what vibrations the traumatic feelings are setting up within those blighted young Spirits.

Many are in the state of not being able to communicate the horrors of seeing their families slaughtered and we can only applaud those who work in those conditions of war and devastation to try to bring help to both young and old.

On that point how do you think your own children feel at a harsh word because they cannot stop crying? What vibration are they sending out to create their own reality, of what? Hurt, frustration and inability to let their true feelings known to those around them. How do you think they will carry that reality into later life? Bares thinking about don’t you think?

It is, as you can I hope appreciate, true that it is not words so much as feelings that create the worlds of us all, regardless of our age. However, words are powerful, they can heal and they can kill! Take care with what you create for yourself and for others, especially the children, who despite what you may have believed to date are creating their own reality from their first breath.

We have spoken before about knowing ourselves by following our feelings that will lead us to our true beliefs and since our first beliefs are instilled in us by others, if you are one of the others, parents or carers, even brothers or sisters do take care with your words which are the building blocks of creation in very young children.

Sometimes I ask questions but I hope that you will be able to find some answers of your own for your situation in these words – or even in between the words!
With Love, David


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  1. cat says:

    I do believe, my daughter Mary is a Star Child … otherwise known as high functioning Aspergers in my opinion … I know I gave birth to her, because I was there … smiles … but she so amazingly gifted, it boggles my mind … Lovely lovely post, David … you always put peace into my heart, in spite of tears running down my face … thank you. Love, cat.

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