Question: Where is the need of an all loving, complete in every way, beyond the vision of any human mind, never in form, but infinite and eternally in spirit being to have any such thing as vengeance.

What would be the point of such a being creating a good side of itself and just to balance things out an evil side, as some would have us believe? It’s we who have created our world of duality!

There has always been and will ever be, unless we have the temerity to teach ourselves otherwise, the feeling that we are unworthy and in that state of depression, feeling the need to prove ourselves worthy, by force if need be. You see we are all prone at some time in our lives, unless taught otherwise, to feel unworthy which naturally leads us into becoming judgemental.

It is in the human mind that the aspect of unworthiness delves into the depths of needing, wanting and doing anything to change itself, whether it be seen as good or bad that leads to the concept of evil. I believe that evil does not exist beyond the human consciousness.

However it is not the person that is evil, which can never be, only the thoughts and the actions that lead others to judge and condemn. The death penalty is still used around the world and even in the most sophisticated and richest of us all. How crazy is that? Have we learnt nothing? Shall we kill regardless rather than to try our best to cure. Where is our compassion?

Did no one at any time consider the plight of the poor and the conditions in which some of us have to exist, (You could hardly call it living) and still in the richest countries of the world. Where is your compassion now?

When we look out at the world from our ivory towers we see enough natural disasters to keep us all busy, in fact in most instances precipitated by man, but man seems to delight in building, from the smallest mud hut to the most outrageous skyscraper and the next minute burn, and tear down, just to kill or build a bigger one. But then the daily news continues to show us how wars are razing to the ground the homes of ordinary peace loving people. For the sake of what? Is that evil? Where is their compassion?

When we look back to all that has been preserved, and let’s face it it’s not much, to ancient wars where one side or the other claimed to have God on their side, or both, do you honestly think that given the opportunity to act as the junior creator sons and daughters of the Divine Logos here on Earth there would be any taking of sides?

Let me tell you that whoever wrote the stories was full of human self interest and the Logos merely looked on with interest. Not interest in the final result but on how each one conducted themselves, how each one in the heat of battle was able to show the highest compassion not only to his injured companions but to those whom he fought.

There is no right or wrong except according to the laws of man of which there will soon be so many that we dare not step outside our door without committing a crime! Or to dare to sow our own seed without incurring the wrath of Monsanto and still end up in court!

There are ways of behaviour towards our brothers and sisters on this Earth. Oh! You don’t think we were all brothers and sisters? Why do you think the story of Adam and Eve was invented? To prove to us all that we are indeed all brothers and sisters. Is your compassion awakened?

Regardless of any scientific interference starting from Adam and Eve we are all children of the Logos where the Logos is the word and the beginning of everything. In fact of course we all carry a part of the Logos within us so how can we kill each other without killing our own family and part of the Logos itself?

In that case the Logos would have every right to be vengeful, but of course the truth is that when we kill each other the dead return to the earth and life returns to the Logos so therefore nothing of the Logos is ever lost, only the human shell that served its purpose and then is heard no more … it seems more and more likely that as Shakespeare said, ‘It is a tale told by an idiot signifying nothing!’

Fact: Each of us is worthy, adored and adorable!
You might still be in the mode of judgement or criticism and you might not find what you see appealing, but look beyond the physical and remember our relationship to the portion of the Logos that lies within. You see? Everyone is adorable and your compassion is as natural as your breath. Learn to Love your yourself and then Love your neighbour! With Love, David


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2 Responses to VENGEFUL GOD

  1. cat says:

    Brothers (and sisters) … ya … I have 6 older brothers … am the youngest and only girl … ya … and let me tell you, it wasn’t much fun at times … but I turned into a tough old bird with a soft spot for the weak brothers and sisters … powerful vengeful almighty all knowing and what ever else god is certainly not on my list though … I find my anger is propelling me forward into compassion … sounds strange, I know … uhm, did I tell you, that I like this avatar pic … a lot? … smiles … Love, cat.

    • David says:

      Well here’s the thing: Angel used to be under Eugene’s name and since I have taken it over he has tried to change the Avatar several times as I can’t – we are both crap at computers! So sad to say the Av is E in his younger days! Spooky eh? Even spookier he is the spitting image of my old pal Lawrence with whom I went to India! Sorry about the brothers. Families??!! Take care with thoughts they have a habit of attracting what we don’t really want! Love, David

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