I guess like most of us I was brought up to believe that in order to be a good Christian I had to tread the straight and narrow path in order to do what God wants me to do. Which to most of us sounds like a pretty rigid and unforgiving trip!

This immediately sets up a feeling of rejection because we are all taught by the boys in black frocks that what God wants is not what we want. In fact you are forgiven before you even think of asking for forgiveness!

Actually what they think God wants is not what God wants, but what they want or think they know what God wants, which if I may say so is totally not what God wants from us or for us!

As far as I can see there seems to be a disconnect between the Christian teachings, that I was brought up on, and most other religious teachings on this aspect of our connection with God.

Up to now I’ve used the word God but to me the Lord Logos is more accurate and to others Father or Allah might seem more appropriate. Whichever suits you best please superimpose to please you.

If you were God or the Logos what would you want for yourself? All good things, all thoughts and theatres of life to make you happy eh? But what if you were a part of the Logos and that in fact you could never be separate from the Logos? And therefore all the things that the Logos wants are all the things that you can have too if only you would allow and accept the best for yourself.

It is difficult to describe the part of you that is also a part of the Logos with our limited vocabulary, but it is a fact that you are a part of the Logos and what the Logos wants for you is to desire and devise every device possible that would bring you the greatest happiness.

Folks talk about talking to God, praying to God, asking God for this, that or the other and worry about their connection to God, but what if that connection was continuous and never broken and that every thought of yours and every image conjured from your imagination was heard and seen immediately by God.

I guess for a start it would make you think twice about what you were thinking and imagining! That is if you can believe that this is real.

Unfortunately when we don’t get what we want we tend to blame the Logos and when the shop runs out of bread we blame the Logos imagining that we have done something wrong and this is Devine retribution falling on our heads or in this case in our empty bellies.

Look around you my friends and try to count up the number of daft things the human race has done that has produced consequences such as floods and fires, earthquakes and eruptions of volcanoes. Oh! You don’t think you had anything to do with these ‘Natural Catastrophes?’

How about chopping down all the trees, how about underground Nuclear tests, how about damming the natural water courses, how about polluting the rivers, oceans and the atmosphere, how about the overuse of oil when alternative methods of power production have always, yes always, been available to us.

I could go on but are you getting the picture? Now who is to blame? This is cause and effect in action!

As you are a part of the Lord Logos how do you think the Logos feels at the way you are destroying this once beautiful and abundant planet?

The Logos is where you came from and to whom you are inextricably linked now and forever and whether you believe in the Logos, God, Allah or whichever God you can care to name or not, the link is and always will be there until your dying day and actually way beyond that moment in Earth time.

It saddens me to see the natural ways of farming and producing food thrown out of the window in favour of the single similarity of production relying on chemicals and genetic modification instead of the natural pest controls and at the expense of natural pollinators who thrive on diversity and are being systematically annihilated by those who think they can play God and at the same time are driving farmers to suicide.

How does that make the Logos feel when a part of itself is being driven to commit the ultimate, unnecessary and untimely sacrifice that is the greatest sin to the part of the Logos that exists within us. I will name it: The Soul.

Although it is a part of the Logos, but because it lies within, you may imagine it as a tiny light, often referred to as a spark of the Divine fire, but its power and light is sufficient to keep a large city ablaze with light which is why you are the true light of the world, if only you would accept your true purpose.

What God wants is for you not to do all the daft things mentioned above, but to bring your light into this world, to all the dark corners and all the darkened and blighted souls who need the light of your smile, your kindness, your tenderness, your compassion and to spread happiness wherever you go for yourself and for all other life on this once perfect Planet Earth.
Love, David


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