Who remembers the Green Cross Code?
Like a School Crossing Lady only dressed in green tights with a green cross on his chest the tall, imposing David Prowse was pictured on the Telly and in every classroom to instil in the minds of the children the need to take care when crossing a road especially in built up areas and when coming out between parked cars, which should be avoided if at all possible.

Then there was another one that had the slogan ‘Paws at the kerb’ as opposed to ‘pause at the kerb’ using a scruffy dog. ‘Look left, look right and look left again and only cross if safe.’ The list goes on but when you are hooked on a game and you want to win and the ball goes spinning across the road how difficult it is to pause before rushing across to retrieve it!

Well enough of my reminiscing, it’s really a different sort of kerb I want to talk about today:

When we fast it is a common understanding that you just cut down on the amount you eat or don’t eat for a day, some just change what they eat for a day, each to his own, but the latest wisdom advises not to cut out food for a day, not to cut out the same meal once a week on the same day, but to cut a meal replacing it with a glass of water, yes, but on different days and guess what the best meal to miss is breakfast! And not because you have to but because you want to on that odd day!

The true meaning of fasting though is to give up more than just food and drink. Don’t work, don’t watch the box, don’t play, but instead go and get close to nature, if you can’t find a forest or a convenient copse close at hand then sit on a park bench and meditate, contemplate the ducks, just stop and wind down and give your whole self a rest.

Here’s a thought: How much time do you actually give to you?

Take this idea to its considered conclusion which many in this current climate are using their common sense to achieve is a new vision of life:
With less to live on many are downsizing in a very radical way starting with all the stuff stored in the attic, garage or the shed that hasn’t seen the light of day for twelve months or more. My daughter recently went to the dump and the charity shops with 20 big, black bin bags full of unwanted stuff and sold a load of outgrown children’s clothes on e-bay, following our example to the local Catholic charity mission. We even gave an almost new gas heater to the Red Cross.

Folks with less are now understanding, especially in places like the States where the trend has always been to have acres of space, both inside and out, that these aspirations only bring with them similar acres of responsibility, upkeep work and cost, both mortgage and running costs.

Never mind what the Jones’ are doing up the road just ask yourself what do you really need both individually and as a family to make you happy?

The biggest problem in our family seems to have been leaving lights on that only goes to line the pockets of the power company who can’t even keep the fuel flowing when a bad storm comes along! You know what I mean? Try if you can to be self sufficient – that will teach you how to be careful with fuel of all sorts and that includes for the body as well.

The human body does not need such huge portions of food and drink to stay fit and healthy, we do not need such high temperatures to heat our homes and let’s face it a smaller home costs less to heat and if we really want space we are surrounded by it!

There is a limit and a level that is good for us all to achieve a good life, a healthy life, a simple and compassionate life that comes from living in a comfortable community where we can share and care for one another to keep us all happy, so the answer is to CURB our desires.

Excess and extreme have no place in the New Vision. You know what they say, ‘If it’s not broken don’t mend it!’ and, ‘If you don’t need it do without!’ This New Vision Philosophy will pay you more handsome and continuous dividend than any other form of share and it’s totally under your control. Love, David


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