Spirituality implies faith but the reason why we asked the question:
Where is your faith? And many times was surreptitiously to ask you to look within to see where your faith lies now, since faith can and has a habit of changing as we change.

Unlike certain activities that cannot change such as the liquidity of water unless it becomes ice in which case it ceases to be water, or the light and heat of fire, which when the fire dies the light goes out and the fire goes cold.

Service on the other hand is the constant companion of a living human being. We are in service to those for whom we work to earn our living, we are in service to our families for whom we perform certain tasks and if we are lucky these tasks which some see as chores are shared with others such as partners, parents or children.

These then are the brief introduction to the scenarios of the realms of service and however you look at it we are all in service to someone. To those who cannot see beyond the aspect of work, even in the chores on behalf of the family I can say my faith has given me the most beautiful aspect of service that makes every action one of beauty, love and reverence.

You see, everything I do at home for the family, everything I do for others, everything I do for our pet I do for just one specific reason: I have sent out an invitation, which I do on a regular basis, which is accepted every single time.

A special guest is coming to see us, to share a meal and to help us in our daily lives. This guest is so special that every time I help someone else every time I lift a duster, dishcloth, brush, hammer or hoe it fills me with joy because I know that what I am doing or about to do is the highest form of service.

Why? What or who could be so important you will ask? Well the one I do everything and anything for and my invitation is to the Lord Logos, my title for God Himself.

So whatever you do for yourself to make yourself clean and tidy, just like your home and garden, any act of service for your boss, parents, partner or children for anyone in fact is Divine service. Now you can see where beauty, love and reverence come in to the equation!

If it doesn’t seem like that at the moment try to see it like that and you will begin to see a remarkable change taking place between you and everyone else that your action touches. Add a smile to your action, add a touch to one who is sad or lonely, add a hug to someone you love and every time you add send a silent prayer of thanksgiving for the ones who have given you the opportunity to be of service.

Most importantly, you will also notice a change in the relationship between you and the ones you serve here on Earth.
With beauty, love, reverence and thanksgiving, David


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2 Responses to SERVICE

  1. Gede Prama says:

    thank you, the article and the true happiness rays began to warm hearts, when we share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂

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