Where is your faith?
It is said that we can do anything we wish and go anywhere we like to boot. So where does your faith lie? Is it in your feeling that no way can you do what you want to do, in other words, is your faith in your inevitable failure?

Where is your faith?
Failure actually may sound defeatist, but I believe that failure is good because it means that you tried, and with any luck you had faith in what you were doing and if it didn’t work out as planned you also learned a valuable lesson in the process. Remembering that nothing is ever done!

Where is your faith?
Is your faith based on the words of a frantic, some might say fanatic, fellow from the eagle lectern, the passionate platform or pulpit, wearing black, brown, pink or gold or is he simply dressed in white to emulate the purity of his mission and his mesmerising message!

Where is your faith?
Faith is a funny word, not much in fashion except in certain quarters where it has so often changed its form. Still called faith but in fact become the result of a technique as old as man when it is possible to persuade anyone to do anything – even to take their own life and to call it faith.

Where is your faith?
Misguided faith generates corrupted creatures willing to kill themselves for nothing but a soliloquy of salvation that has no substance and leaves nothing but death and destruction in its wake. It is a sorrow on humankind, but it is a sin upon the Divine Element that exists within the heart of the perpetrator, the Soul.

Where is your faith?
The Divine, called by many names, is also filled with sorrow that one of its own should not only kill itself but also others. It was hoped that, “Thou shalt not kill“, etched upon our hearts would be remembered. However, the Divine being filled with unconditional love, the one who is lost will be allowed to return to try yet again to learn the lesson of life and redeem itself.

Where is your faith?
No Divinity demands the death of any man, boy, girl or woman however desperate life may seem, but there are those who would say that this is the way to martyrdom, sainthood and salvation. Suicide will no doubt hurt your nearest and dearest, please those who drove you to it, but the greatest anguish, grief and loss will be felt by that part of the Divine that gave you life and exists within you.

Where is your faith?
Life was for the purpose of the growth of that Divine Offspring. Life cut short even at the instigation of others is the end and the Divine Element has to begin again leaving nothing but death, grief, destruction and a wasted life behind in place of what should have been a beautiful life.

Where is your faith?
The first faith that conscious man assumed was faith in himself, the instinct of self preservation, summoning the strength and courage in one’s self to stand the test of time, followed by love as family became the centre, but not until the concept of a truly compassionate man was born whose faith was turned outwards towards the rest of humanity did man become fully conscious. With a little help from his friends!

Where is your faith?
Sadly it was only then that man created the craft of modern brainwashing and where we find ourselves today in states where the ones infected by the poison will not give up their extremist ideologies, despite the best efforts of those who have dedicated themselves to bring them back to the loving fold of their own desperate families and the rest of humanity.

Where is your faith?
Notice please that this is not a sermon, this is an attempt for you to accept yourself, as they say, warts and all, to love yourself, have faith in yourself and to recognise the love that is there for the asking, instead of the hate that seems to surround you every day.

Where is my faith?
Well as for me, my faith lies in the Logos – my idea of the Divinity – where I have managed to remove all the middle men and basically my faith is in my faith, but I must give you a word of warning, which I would direct mainly to the young, and that is to watch out for the intermediaries for that is where not faith but agendas lie.

Where is the power of faith?
Like wanting to buy in to anything, say surfing the internet – if you want to buy in – do your own research. Research your own heart! You may be surprised what faith will throw up! Tread softly, speak gently and have no part of killing for your own sake or for others including your idea or others ideas of any Divine Being or Man Made Agenda.
The Power of Faith is in You!
Love, David


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2 Responses to FAITH

  1. cat says:

    Faith is a very personal thing, I agree … it grows in the dark … it grows slowly … nourished by tears … I can not bring myself to truly believe in anything anymore … am trying though … Love this article, David … you really have healing powers … I know … because u make me cry tears, that nourish that tiny plant in my heart, called faith … you are amazing … Love, cat.

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