In view of yet another failed attempt at reconciliation of the two communities in Northern Ireland by the Americans it seemed that Communication was a good way to start the New Year:

Well just briefly anyway!
It seems that the factions cannot even agree on a language despite the prolonged efforts of so many who strive for peace in the province, both local and from abroad.

But there are many languages used by humans, some we know about, others are only just coming to the surface like body language and common expression no matter what language spoken, while the most important one will always remain hidden.

Whatever words are spoken, and let’s face it there is no need for a translator in the province since all speak the same language, the hidden or occult tongue is sent and received regardless.

When a thought arises, no matter how it is tried to be disguised by words, its energy or vibration connects to people in the vicinity, in fact it goes even further to enhance whatever it is that the person is thinking about, wherever it exists.

It is important therefore for negotiators, and more importantly the people they represent, to ensure that their thoughts are on the right wavelength for the desired result to be enhanced and arrived at with no hidden agendas!

Please God, over the coming weeks and months the right vibration will enhance all communities in Ireland into the common cause for not only peace, that because of its nature must include conflict, but that loving brotherhood may become the dominant vibration in the minds of all.
With Love, David


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2 Responses to COMMUNICATION

  1. cat says:

    Words unspoken are like gold not found … yet …

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