Over the years it is safe to say that our suitcases have shrunk!
Never mind the restrictions imposed by the airlines on the sizes of bags to go in over head lockers, easier for me to lift, to the charges for bags in the hold and watch out for penalisation if you have too much! Or even if you book it in at the last minute at the airport instead of on line! There is even talk of charging for those of us who, through weight problems, take up much more than their fair share of the seating on board!

I have just purchased the smallest suitcase yet to avoid the possibility, as much as possible, of being stuffed in the hold at the last minute as happened when I was confined to a wheelchair. (The suitcase, not me in the wheelchair!) Not my most favourite trip! Though thankfully only a temporary condition following an operation. But being separated from my medication was a bit of a concern. However as you see I survived.

And however long any journey can be, the most important one, surely, is your life, often referred to as your Journey and emphasising the importance of the journey rather than the ultimate destination or goal.

Travel certainly broadens the mind and it is the journey itself that brings the experience rather than just the hotel room or bar at the end of a trip – at least for some! The interaction that is necessary at every stage with others who may be of different colour, caste or creed and speaking a different language, all adds to the lessons of life, in the most immediate and pertinent way possible and to my mind the most pleasurable, and exciting.

This interaction is indicative of the connection of the heart to others. The element that symbolises the heart is air and quite often at the beginning of any permanent or even transient relationship we can become light headed, especially if we are weighed down with heavy baggage and not necessarily of our own, which is when we need to be brought back down to earth.

Of course the heavy baggage of which I speak concerns the trials, tribulations and troubles of others which we habitually take upon ourselves and carry around as if it were our own.

This is where our base, our foundation is so important to ensure that the rest of our tree of life is in pristine state in order to take us on our journey, with strength, courage and safety.

In fact of course despite what journeys you may undertake, life itself is best conducted travelling light, and this is where simplicity comes into its own.

We are no different to some of the human race when in fact we have bought very little in our lives, but due to the passing of generations ahead of us we have ended up with inheriting a mass of stuff that I must admit we find difficult to divest, with such fond, inbuilt memories.

However the time is nearly upon us when the need to downsize will demand the denouement of our story to a more convenient cast of characters for the new cottage to take chaise longue, couch and chairs.

We intend to downsize even more to try to make life easier leaving luggage behind. Not necessarily our own, ensuring at the same time that the tree of life is well tended, fed and watered bringing a state of well-being in a more comfortable and more easily manageable ambience.

Desires are cited by many, including me, as the energetic power houses that fuel the whole movement of the Universe, but in actuality our desires are few and it is said that it would be best to practice detachment and therefore not to desire at all. Herein lies simplicity.

Can you see, perhaps as we do now, wanting to leave a huge house and grounds that with less responsibility and less to worry about will make life simpler, and having gained honours in patience we will be free for compassion to find is proper place in our purpose.

Of course for me, and for most, the planning, booking and packing are all part of the excitement. Can you imagine the energies that must come to a Soul looking towards its next incarnation?

At the same time hoping against hope that the Spirit in fully fledged consciousness is willing to comply with the plan throughout a complete life’s journey, within which lies true happiness, Happiness of the Soul, which is assured in your HPT meditation, when the Trinity comes together with no luggage, merely a magnificent road map.
Travel light my friends and be Happy with David


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