To an angel, today and tomorrow are like any other human day, except that they are not human and therefore are not bound by the numbers that we impose on ourselves with our human calendars.

Sadly, one revolution of our world shows, in the light of the spirit, the number of revolutions that we impose on each other, brother and sister against brother and sister.

Our angels wish to do all that they are allowed to perform, to facilitate the greatest well-being for our highest good, which strange as it may seem, depends solely on our ability to accept and receive instead of our fearful need to defend and resist, each and every day.

All that is required in any day of any year, although our angels recognise may be uppermost in our minds at this time which we call New Years Eve, are open hearts and minds and the willingness to accept, respond, resound and reflect their light along with our own out into the wider world.

In this way you will lighten your path and the paths of others making the coming year a brighter, more peaceful and loving place to be. They only ask that we follow our true purpose and become the light of the world each and every day.
With Love and many blessings, David


About David

Devonian writer
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