When in the monastery the young monk was accused of being a pantheist for saying that he saw God in everything and everywhere! And while we are on the subject when discussing anything: if what was said did not agree with the understanding of the Master of Novices or the Abbot himself the question came, ‘which book did you get that from?’

It seems that in many a closed order there is no room for intuitive thought and if not retrieved from an accepted volume is considered heretical. In other words a direct connection with the Lord Logos was only considered worthy of the stake.

When taking part in an interfaith meeting of Moslem, Buddhist and Anglican representatives who tried briefly to explain their faith and why they loved it, I raised the question of the Anglican Vicar, ‘How could he justify and condone not to mention love his religion knowing how the Council of Nicea as just one example amongst many that had virtually rewritten passages in the Bible and excluded others?’

The poor man it seemed had not heard of any such rewritings or omissions regarding such things as reincarnation that had been included in the past, having been, like so many of his brother priests, brainwashed into believing that the Good Book as printed was indeed the unblemished word of the Logos.

Whereas it was no doubt the work, retranslation, reinterpretation and rework of man and their bishops who decided which books should be included from the Jewish Torah in what we now know as the Old and then which of the Gospels were to be included in the New Testaments of the Bible.

It is said that history is recorded by the conquerors and this is true whether we speak of battles or books and those who assumed power in the cloisters, chapter houses and scriptoriums of the all powerful bishops of the early church are no exception.

The time of Jeshua whom you may know as Jesus was no different and following his teachings and the interpretations of his parables by the many cults that sprang up at the time are little different to those of today.

The exception being that by the time the so called sayings of the Master Jeshua, passed on orally for so long, it was often as late as one hundred years later before appearing on any written page, and of course by then written by those who had never met nor even heard him speak.

God gave us free will and used it we sure have, changing everything in sight that we considered not good enough for us from writings to genes. It is without doubt the greatest conundrum for me to try to understand that with so many religions and cults scattered around the globe, man has lost the essential recognition of the presence of God.

I say again, ‘open your eyes and open your hearts to recognise the presence of the Kingdom of the logos in the here and now!’ So many say it is yet to come, but I believe it is already here if we would only open ourselves to the possibility.

When I speak of the presence it is that which we know exists in the moment of consciousness, that a thousand consciousnesses exist in the minute space of a single atom, therefore how could God not exists everywhere since each and every consciousness is the gift of the Divine Logos.

Some of us refer to Him as God, Father, Allah, Logos and all is of no consequence for in our anthropomorphic terms He is the most loving Father there could ever be.

Hatred and loathing is an attribute of mankind, but not of the Logos who is all loving and since every consciousness is his gift then all life is all loving, whether from Earth or from elsewhere, at least has the potential to be all loving were it not for that great gift!

The problem comes with the greatest gift which mankind has turned into the greatest curse by reversing all loving into all hating. In this present moment, in the presence of the Logos we should at least be honest and admit that the origin of all evil is in the mind of mankind!

The scaremongers of doom who predict the demise of mankind through intergalactic war, alien invasion, which by the way has already happened solely for our benefit, to our own self inflicted annihilation through nuclear war about which little can be done, are feeding the fear that already festers in the minds of most of the greedy population of planet Earth.

But all this can change if you will look into your own heart to find the treasures given by the Divine Logos. Recognise the gifts of love and well-being, free will to change and the gift to turn off the scaremongers of doom.

Finally: If you cannot feel the warmth of the Logos then you are standing too far away. When you hold someone’s hand what do you feel?
Have you heard of horseshoe healing where you all stand in the shape of the horseshoe holding hands?

In the presence of the Logos, each one imagines Divine light entering themselves through their Crown Chakra on the top of the head for a few minutes, filling them with the energy of the Logos. Then when the leader connects the open end of the horseshoe the energy flows from each right hand to the left of the next person. Now that the circuit is complete, I promise this is an experience you will never forget!

Perhaps then you will appreciate that the Divine Logos or God is everywhere. Love, David


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