When intimately involved in the BMS International Healing Federation we tried to get novice healers to concentrate on the Well-being of the client and not on the problem which I could appreciate was very difficult for them since the first thing you say to someone coming to the clinic for healing is,
‘How can I help you today?’
Then what is uppermost in your mind? The problem of course!

We spoke a lot about healing energies but nothing about the energies that we all emit and those that we receive. I tried then and subsequently to impress upon budding healers that it was no good trying to help someone if you were feeling unwell yourself.

It’s now about eleven years since I was involved in teaching but at that time I was not as familiar with the effects of the vibrational aspect of the Universe as has been taught to me over the past ten years here in Spain.

What has also transpired is the very vibrational nature of our whole life not just the specifics of healing teaching or the clinic itself. Problems which I prefer to see as opportunities in all aspects of living give us the chance to approach our challenges with a positive frame of consciousness that looks forward to the best and happiest result from our efforts within that opportunity.

When this is applied to healing the most difficult thing for many clients is to find the positive nature of their well-being as a whole but should be up to the healer to find and point out to the client to concentrate on, which as I say when in pain or crippled in any way, it is difficult to focus on anything else.

I hope you can see that this method enables a magnification of the positive vibration associated with the aspects to be grateful for which will enhance the body’s own healing potential to remedy any other less positive challenge of the moment.

This same remedial formula actually helps us all in the approach to any challenge in our life which is why it is so important to focus on and be grateful for all the things that make us feel good in our lives.

This applies to work, to romance, to family life to helping a friend with a problem even if just to focus on your own ability to help. I hope you are getting the picture! Consider for a moment the Quiet Quest that applies to us all and that is to seek for happiness in all that we think, say and do. The feel good factor is an enhanced positive vibration that makes you feel so good and so grateful for all of your life.
Hence the importance of the daily list of gratitude!

See now how that Quiet Quest comes in handy in every move that you make? And here’s how Abraham sees it from his viewpoint:

It should only be talked about if the talking will make you feel better. It is of no value, ever, to activate and talk about something that doesn’t feel good, because it reactivates it in your vibration; it makes it another point of your point of attraction so you’re less clear.

In other words, when you focus upon the problems of others, you diminish your ability to help them. People believe that you’ve got to focus upon the problem in order to find a solution. And we say, no solution ever comes forth – it’s never inspired; you never recognize it, and you are never able to facilitate or achieve it – from your place of focusing on the problem. They are two entirely different vibrations.

If you have someone who has many things going wrong and one thing going right, beat the drum of what’s going right, and let that be your point of attraction. If you focus upon their problems, you achieve vibrational harmony with something other than the Source that gives you solution.

As I have commented before: to moan about your own problems, pains and infirmities only attracts more of the same, so concentrate, talk, sing and shout about how good something, if only one think is for you!
Be Healthy and Happy with David.


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  1. William says:

    The Healer tries to find and deal with the cause, not the current outer symptoms. = the Law of Cause & Effect. Medical doctors deal with symptoms – healers deal with causes. William

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