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(On the Angel Messenger):
There are children born now with an in-built high degree of wisdom and ability to understand much more than before, even before they themselves can talk, and their frustration at not being understood themselves is all too evident.

One of these modern day marvels arrives in a couple of day’s time to spend some time with us, and at the age of 20 months is already showing us who she is. It is a fact that the natural frustration at not being able to make themselves understood may manifest in forms of aggression that could be seen by unwitting parents as naughtiness.

Luckily the little one headed our way has the most understanding mother and father who recognise the need for a framework within which to operate and within that there is an unusual tolerance that comes from the deepest love. Even other members of the family have remarked that she is an ‘Old Soul’!

All children are blessed with the gift of imagination, but sadly this is often knocked out of them by ignorant and unthinking parents and carers who have little imagination left of their own and even if not of the psychic kind would not subscribe to that even if they knew what was going on.

How often do you hear parents declare that their child is going to be a doctor, lawyer, rocket scientist, engineer, physicist … and how often is the power of the imagination of the child therefore steered away from their destined pathway of experience and development and therefore lost?

A girl or boy knows when the time is right, which fork in the road to take even if they make many turns to get there. What they need right from the start is the total support from those who bring them into this world or end up caring for them with as much freedom as possible to make their own choices.

How many times have you looked at children playing together and wonder where they get their energy from, where do they get their concentration from, where do they get their stamina, their exhilaration and zest of life from?

Then there are the ones who seem to have lost any drive or enthusiasm and resort to any method to dull the mind and stop the very thing that would bring all of that natural zest for life back into the present moment.

What drives them is imagination and what’s missing from the ones who resort to drugs is that same imagination.

A word of advice: Never tell a child what he or she will be, what job they will do, how they will follow in the family firm and what they will achieve in this life! If you do you are in danger of killing their imagination. Let them tell you!

The one who is on her way to us right now has the same kind of gift as all the others and it is the power of the gift that is the same for all. The power is the inherent knowledge of knowing just how to use their imagination. In other words it is a natural gift that knows that it is limitless and should be given free reign, even if it takes a lifetime to find its true point of manifestation. Let them all follow their quiet quest and they will make it with just a little help from their friends, and that includes you.

Well, they have come and gone and what a joy. I will say no more!
Let Children be Happy. Love, David


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  1. Great Advice David, and I agree those little ones are indeed becoming more intelligent. And I just love to watch the imagination of my near 3 yr old grandchild… 🙂

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