n. hazard, danger; the danger of trial and punishment faced by the accused on a criminal charge.
Do you feel in any way like that?
To put your mind at rest, let me put it this way: You are no way in jeopardy and certainly not to blame for where you find yourself, or are you?

But you are the creator of your own reality! Aren’t you?
If you truly do create your own reality and do not like where you are: your family, friends, your job etc., then perhaps you are to blame! But by the same token you, as the creator, must be capable of changing everything and anything to suit yourself. Your quest, don’t forget, is to find peace, harmony, health and happiness, to suit you, no one else just you!
Can you do that? In a word: YES!

The greatest power within you is the power to change. And you know what they say if you want to change the world you must change yourself first, and then the world will change around you. That is certainly true when you consider the reality that you have created for yourself.

I don’t know if you watch the ‘Project Runway’ program with Heidi Klum, but in each episode of the series the grandfather figure of Tim Gunn tells all the budding Fashion Designers when faced with their complex challenges to ‘Make it work’.
I say the same to you, since it is within your power to rise to all of your challenges and make them work!

Remember that nothing is ever given to you that you will not be able to manage and to make work.

If you have memories that still haunt you then you also have the power to put them into their proper context and change the way you view them. You are not your memories, they are just memories. I know this from personal experience because I had memories of childhood that I now know were changed by the mental process of storage and retrieval over many years into something that was not true.

Similarly your beliefs are not you, they are merely a collection of beliefs that may have started out not being yours at all but someone else’s that you were given and accepted as your own.

But back to memories for a moment. This journey in the schoolroom of Earth is all about life to provide the right environment for us to work our way through the Soul set-ups, that give the Passive Witness the experience needed for growth. Some of the Soul set-ups can be painful and we often mistakenly blame those who seemingly put us in difficult, not to say impossible, situations and sometimes for years at a time and giving us much mental and physical pain in the process, whereas in fact they are the ones who were the divine instruments to give us the experience we (the Soul) needed. Painful they may have been but you would not be who you are today without them!

By looking back at those who propelled us into chaos and realising their true nature we are in a position to forgive and see them in a different light, change our memories and therefore our view of the past and the world around us in this present moment.

Sadly what keeps you from moving on is your concern about those whom you view as having wronged you, but as we have seen, they were there for the best of reasons. It is your fear and loathing of what was done to you in the past and which you fear may be repeated in some similar form in the future that holds you back.

Let me tell you: You’ve been there and done that, bought the ‘T’ shirt, and therefore what purpose would be served for you to experience it again unless you bring it on yourself? Let it go, see it as it really is, change and move on!
If jeopardy exists it is yours to change.
Love, David.


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