Here’s a little something that came through on the airwaves today that had a really personal feel to it as if sent from a higher source, because it echoed a comment that we also received a day ago. We were discussing our projected house move and the comment was made, ‘I wish I could say have patience but you have so much already!’

Well to put this into context and at the risk of boring our readers yet again with me harping on about what has become known as the Great Move, we have had this place on the market for three years now and still hope for a sale to those who we earmarked as the next owners of this House of Peace from the start.

This is our second attempt at settling here in sunny Spain. The first was up in the mountains where we bought a semi wreck and transformed it into a beautiful home, just right for a young Spanish couple to start life together. Then here we bought a total wreck which we anticipated converting into a retreat that we hoped others would find and join us for prayer, meditation and relaxation, but turned out to be our own retreat, and for me at least a time of solitude apart from my life companion as the language proved to be beyond me!

After ten years the value of that time has manifested in growth for us both in similar and also different ways, having learnt from each other, and which has prepared us for a new life that will take us on the Great Move back to the land of my birth.

Patience yes, but in the same breath we wonder where the time has gone. It is said that time speeds as we age and for us that certainly has proved to be true. But at the same time it feels as if we have been schooled and trained for a new task, a task of training and schooling others in their own uncertain quest into the unknown. Ascension?

Nothing is ever perfect, done and complete, but we all need to look for the enjoyment in the becoming, being aware of the present moment, looking forward yes but not putting ourselves into the future that does not exist, nor regretting or wishing the past had been different which is gone and unchangeable. This time for us has been to begin with our perfect palace in paradise.

However, there is no doubt that the greatest lesson learned in these moments of solitude has been the lesson of patience. To begin with it was so easy to think that our greatest hopes would quickly be manifest, but then just as quickly, never come to fruition and we would be able to stay here forever. Confused? You will be! But then there began a series of reasons, coming into our consciousness, in which we could see that no matter how long the process took we would in the long run be able to be of the greatest service to others which outweighed any wishes, wants or desires of our own and made manifestation much more plausible.

That is still the goal which we see not as finality, but as a new beginning to a new adventure, a step if you like on the path of fulfilment, both for ourselves and for those we hope to help. There is a quickening that we feel like an almost tangible feel to the air. A Knowing that comes to us, in different ways, by opening all the links to which we are privy, including the psychic channels that are open to the whole of humanity but sadly rejected and closed by most.

The quickening is a manifestation of our anticipation that is now not only feeling but we are also tasting it in every breath along with the inner knowing that the way is clear and all is well in the state of Denmark, the world at large and in particular our own world! All it takes is patience!

As the excitement builds we follow the feeling of anticipation as we are now beginning again to enjoy the final phases of our journey and our sojourn here in Spain. Like pilgrims on the Camino to Santijago de Compostela sending, at this sad time, our thoughts to that city mourning the deaths from the recent train crash.

As we have seen many times and in many places that life is a constant unfolding process relying on our own wishes and desires to create the Universal flow, and reciprocation, although the result of the unfolding does not always follow what we would wish for, we have faith that this time our will is in direct synchronisation with Divine Will. So be it. And so it will be.
With Faith and Love, David


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4 Responses to PATIENCE

  1. David, I so enjoyed reading this post of your journey.. So often we are shown the roads to patience and through it we are also given the lessons as well as the skills to enhance us upon our travels, It seems to me you understand totally the ‘Signs’ being given and I am sure that those who know already upon which path your are to tread, know that all is in place and all is as it should be You need no good luck from me, for I know as you have spoken of that ‘Knowing’ within, knows that all is in place as the pieces slot together….

    love and Peace upon your journey my good friend 🙂 Sue xox

    • Well my dear Sue yours is the 2nd message in as many days with a realisation like ours that all is well and the way is clear. Thank you so much for your kind comments Sue – may your journey be equally enlightened. With Love, David

  2. Well my dear Sue yours is the 2nd message in as many days with a realisation like ours that all is well and the way is clear. Thank you so much for your kind comments Sue – may your journey be equally enlightened. With Love, David

  3. One day I’ll get the hang of this malarkey!!!

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