For a change I’m going to talk about Oneness and health and a little of my personal experience here on the Angel rather than Hanukah for a change:

Did it ever occur to you to question how the idea of Oneness pans out?
Or does it all seem a bit too supernatural to have any direct meaning for you?
You know there are other meanings to the Chakras than their basic names and nomenclature.

The first four are to do with our physicality and how we live on Earth:
Contrary to public opinion the Base Chakra could be termed the most important of them all since the correct alignment and function of the base gives the stability and centring that the rest rely on and because of its basic nature it must come as no surprise that the element of earth and the sense of smell, heightened in the animals, the leftover from our instinctive past, resides here and is still active for us today in the colour of ruby red.

Briefly the orange Sacrum is to do with the element of water, sacred sex and the sense of taste. The golden yellow Solar is where our personal power lives, so it is associated with the mind, our consciousness, the element of fire and the sense of sight, you ‘see’ what I mean? But the one I am aiming for is the green of the Heart, the element of air, the sense of touch, emotion and connection which join easily together here.

So how do we connect? And in the same breath you might ask the obvious question, why do we have arms and legs? And the answer is in the question. We need our arms and legs in order to connect with others. We reach out to others in need. We lend a shoulder to cry on and we hug to give comfort, but we gently touch to give healing and blessing.

When we touch we come together physically and the more we practice touch the more we come together in every sense of the word. Some of us are natural touchy feely people but sometimes it can upset certain people who for a host reasons find the touch too intrusive. Like healing the touch needs to be gentle and with consideration, especially to our cousins who after a rapid rebirth from a life where tremendous loss makes them shun any form of human contact in case they should develop attachment and then risk losing it again. We put this under the broad heading of autism!

This simple act of touching is the beginning of the kind of com-passion that has led us on the path to healing. I am often asked why healing did not work and there are a myriad of reasons. The most basic being the need for request from the one in need. So often we are asked to send healing to someone by a relative who knows full well that the one in need would never consider such a thing and was therefore not even consulted as to whether they would allow it to take place and therefore have no idea of a healer trying to help them.

The second is of course when the problem is self inflicted, but try telling that to someone who now wants to get better. It could be something like that which I brought upon myself as a child when I considered I was abandoned and created a spasm in the gut, just to gain attention and care from others, that gave horrendous problems throughout my life and I am still trying to get rid of. Or someone not wanting to listen to something or someone and inviting the deterioration of the hearing capability, like a friend is suffering in this way right now.

There are many ways that we may feel left on our own and disconnected from those we love or those we feel should be there for us. But we can use those arms and legs to carry us to those we want to connect to again and reach out to them ourselves, instead of waiting at home in vain and inventing problems for ourselves.

When we reach out in this way the times of connection grow and as we move towards others reach out to touch, listen and respond, the times of loneliness diminish and times of connection increase until we will feel the idea and the physical manifestation of Oneness becoming a day to day reality.

By its nature the world throws feelings of solitude, disconnection and despair at us and we need to get into the habit of looking past these inevitable opposites the way we know we truly are, allowing Oneness to become us, for us to become One with all there is.

The importance of that last phrase is that when we are at One with ‘All There Is’, we are at One with our Highest Self, the Lord Logos Himself. As always there is a proviso: The Grace of the Lord is with us from birth but as we grow we are subject firstly to the beliefs of our elders and then accumulate our own. Amongst them are those that come under the banner heading of Free Will when, if we so chose, we can deny the Grace that surrounds us. We can deny healing although requested and we can deny our own self healing capability that is our birthright.

It is that easy! Well, not so easy to realise what is going on within, since a lot of what happens to us, as you see above, we invite by other than the ultimate consequence of our thoughts and actions. Do take care with your thoughts, ideas and imaginings they may have the most unforeseen and unconscious conclusions!
Become One with yourself, then see yourself becoming One with all there is.
With Love and Blessings for your vibrant health, David


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