Another in the series of knowing yourself!
In the intense process of finding out who you really are, the one thing that may get in the way is the ego! We are what we believe and sometimes we believe that we are God’s gift to whatever situation we find ourselves in and wish to shine as top dog, aggressively if necessary! Unfortunately in seeing ourselves in this way we can easily don the robe and wig of the judge, pointing the finger at others whom we see as less than ourselves, and even using the finger to accuse, and as we are all aware accusation is difficult to refute, once made, even if there was no evidence.

We need to accept that no one is above or below anyone else, but we are, at times, prone to question the motives and the actions of others when we really should be looking at ourselves with a self critical eye.

So there comes a time when we need to own up to being the one at fault, and recognise that what is going on within us might not be what we have believed to be the real us. The tendency, in today’s societies, is to concern ourselves with how we look. Certainly the young are more concerned with the latest fashion, whether it is the newest colour strip of their favourite football team or the high street fashion to give them the credibility they crave and don’t give a thought to what is going on inside their head. “Do I look fat in this?”

Conscience tells us right from wrong, but sometimes we will put up with something not exactly Kosher just to achieve our ends. What do you think that does to our consciousness? It more or less gives carte blanche to do as we please regardless of the consequences, either outside or inside and the danger is that this then becomes a habit!

Occasionally we have all told a little fib, maybe as we imagine not to hurt the feelings of someone, that then, because of circumstance, gets blown up to a fully fledged big fat lie, which then incurs another just to cover the first and so the spiral begins. Don’t go there! If you can’t tell it how it is, gently and with compassion, then keep silent.

It is such an easy trip to move from the narrow path listening to the conscience, otherwise known as con-science or with-science, within the science of knowing, knowing the right path to take in any situation. Some of my friends have taken up the habit of exaggeration with the use of many superlatives, which began to make a story more humorous or to make a point more forcefully, but we all know that is just their way and we can take what they say with love and a pinch of salt!

When you look at someone like that remember that we are all a mirror to each other and in the process of spring cleaning ourselves we should look carefully at others, whom we might find difficult to bear or understand, because their particular trait may be exactly the one that needs to be dusted out of the corners of our own minds.

It is more important, not just once but, regularly to go through the exercise of clearing the mind to ensure that we have not inadvertently incurred some unfortunate habits that will not serve us well either now or in the future.

We must all take care with what goes into our mouth and the food that we eat, but more importantly we must take great care with what comes out of our mouths. Can you see that the process of spring cleaning of the mind lays the clear groundwork for pure sweet words of comfort and compassion to be used gently for the benefit of others in truth and love?

The ego has been seen as a static aspect of consciousness, but I believe it is in fact able to adapt and modify itself according to the moves that we make to clear the mind and adjust to our natural evolution, just as the Spirit grows through any lifetime. Nothing is static!

Notwithstanding the ego, are you aware of the hidden horrors that may surprise you in the dark corners of the mind? Remember that what you may find is not the real you, it is merely a collection of ideas, feelings and beliefs unique to you that can be changed according to how you feel and develop in any moment of your natural Ascension process.

Spring cleaning can be undertaken in any season that you may be drawn to, simply by looking hard at your conscience that will surely lead you toward the more in depth housekeeping that we all need to follow as our feelings guide us to our real beliefs. If you find it own up to it, at least to yourself if not to anyone else!
This is the most important moment of the manifestation of your power when you allow change to take place. As you change so the world changes round you!
With Love, David


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