The following words came to me back in 1997 and originally posted on 5th Sept 2011 on Hanukah the Scribe:

What medium does the painter use,
Is ‘crylic, oil or water used?
What colours chosen best depict
The landscape, object, body stripped?
Colours seen by artists eye
May not be seen by you or I.
For some the simple eye alone
Is all they use for subtle tone.

But others, though unconscious be
Of colours seen with subtlety,
Which only comes with raised awareness,
Clearly see with clairvoy’nt clearness.
How does the sculptor see the image
Trapped within the raw stone cage?
What sight gives light to lighten darkest rock
What secret key unlocks the crystal lattice lock?

What worldly wise and wordy wise man
Brings in the mind such vivid images that can
Transpose from thought through pen to paper,
Bringing words of inspiration. From our Maker?
Perhaps the painter, sculptor, writer,
Through deprivation, pain or hunger,
Allows attunement of the consciousness,
Becomes the channel for all beauteousness.

So artist medium’s medium is immaterial,
No matter what material.
And whether sculpted stone or cloth material
Used, it is again, immaterial.
It is said that there is nothing new under the sun,
So, are the fashioners of words, of cloth, of stone,
All channels for what has gone before,
Bringing forth the essence from the days of yore?

They must be mediums one and all, and all one,
They are then, all, co-creators with the One.
All creation is thought made manifest,
Through intelligence bringing forth the best.
Whate’er we think, we need to bring in love,
For love is the power guiding from above.
Thoughts create in the moment of inception,
They are alive, they live and fashion all creation.

All who think are therefore co-creators,
Good or bad are created thoughts of thinkers.
So, be wary then of thoughts, for you are what you think,
And what you think, that you create. So think
Beauty, kindness, love and generosity,
And you will channel love, unconditionally.
Be your implement brush, chisel, needle or pen
What ’er your medium, to the Divine be open.
© David Tenneson – May 1997

Then on 25th April 2013 Radio Sai presented the following from Sai Baba:
Offer your heart and your entire life to the Lord. Then your adoration will transform and transmute you so fast and completely, that you and He will be merged into One.
You will be transformed, as a rock is transformed by the sculptor into an idol, deserving the worship of generations of sincere people. In the process you will have to bear many a hammer stroke, many a chisel-wound, for He is the sculptor.
He is but releasing you from petrification! Do not defile time or waste this life and body seeking paltry ends. This life is part of the long pilgrimage you entered when you were born, which may not end even when you die. Never forget this fact.
Be pure, alert and humble as pilgrims are. Treasure the good things and the truths you see and hear. Use them as props and promptings for further stages of your soul’s journey.
Divine Discourse, Nov 23, 1968
Never ending Love, David


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  1. FlutePlayer says:

    Blank sheet and ideas.

  2. Beautiful! The fire without reflects the divine spark within making us, the light of the world. Thank you Love David.

  3. Eric Alagan says:

    Co creators – all. I like that, David.

    Peace, Eric

  4. Thanks Eric I believe we are. Love David

  5. Yes each thought we think, What we think we create.. Co-creators indeed…. Beautifully written David…… Great inspiration..
    Love ~Sue

  6. Bless you Sue – Co-creator! Love David

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