Timing seems to be on the airwaves this week as the following came through from my dear friend Saint Germain through Dawn Katar:

My friends, do you realize the hilarity of your choices? Moment after moment, you remain unconscious and live as if you are a programmed battery operated toy. Please do not mistake this comment as a judgment, for it is meant for you to awaken to how many of your life moments are not truly lived. What did you choose consciously in the past hour of this day? There are many who think that if they can remain less conscious there is less drama and they have more Peace. Yet not causing waves throughout your world is not an indicator of Peace. If you are not aware, you are not experiencing Peace. Set your little alarm clock for each hour and consciously breathe, consciously choose, consciously notice Peace and everything else you feel. Choose to chew your food. Choose to gaze into the mirror of life. Choose Peace in it all.
Ascended Master Saint Germain

I just love the lighter side of Saint Germain’s comments as they are unfolding presently! If his intent is to raise the vibrations, then at least for me he succeeds and I hope he does for you too.

So it seems to be the time of timing. Didn’t the comic say, ‘timing is everything’.
Maybe that’s what we have lost and maybe we need to look to teachers who remember and can remind us of its importance? Some may say: ‘but time does not exist!’ But I say: Oh yes it does in this world but we should govern time and not let time govern us.

Timing is mentioned under The Teachers posted under Hanukah previously and it begs the question: I wonder how you are proceeding with your Highly Precious Time (HPT)? If you are allowing thoughts to pass through your waking consciousness with no concentration or interference on your part? Then you may be experiencing one or more of the benefits which I would like to categorise together as Refinement Reflection. Notwithstanding Saint Germain’s comment that we should be conscious of every thought.

For after the passing of the thought or problem there appears an answer or clarification. It may be in the form of recall, in which case the masters are closer than you think and are already reminding you of the need for conscious timing in your life. So you could have reached the point of Recall Refinement Reflection in your HPT. But what’s in a name? All that it may provide is for you to look out for, anticipate and expect your future desires and wants to manifest. For as Quantum Physics has proved our expectation can change each other and everything else even down to below the atomic level! Does that include time as well?

When you consider that thousands of Consciousnesses can exist within the nucleus of a single atom your expectation could be the most powerful force in the Universe which is itself conscious and aware. Aware of you!

Now there’s a thought and one that I have lived with for the last half century but which came to true fruition just 25 years ago. Does it make you sit up and think twice about what you might think, say and do? It certainly did for me when I realised the nature of Angelic observation and offers of help which became augmented when the full reality of the same concern shown by visitors to earth, still going on as we speak, were proved to me.
How about you? Are you aware of others?
Becoming more and more aware, with Love, David


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2 Responses to TIMING

  1. Most definitely aware of ‘others’ David……I know I am never never alone!… The watchers are watching! as also is my ‘higherself’ ….. We can find ‘peace’ in so many things… We just need to breathe it in and allow its presence to enter our hearts….

    David I have loved reading your posts… And many thanks again for your your continued support at Dreamwalker’s ~Peace Sue

  2. Excellent Sue, I knew it and Dreamwalkers is my pleasure. Love David

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