‘To be or not to be’? That is the question.
‘I am’ on this day named Earth Day which was and is my day, in my land of birth, in Devon, England, it was not unnatural to hear ‘I be’ and ‘you be’, but no more than that. And now on this day of days at a ripe age I know that I am of the Light of the One and no more nor less than that.

It always struck me as odd that in the film with Shirley MacLaine, I believe ‘Out on a Limb’, if memory serves, her sometime guide encouraged or should I say goaded her into standing on the seashore and shouting to the ocean, ‘I am God’!

There is no doubt, I believe, that there is a spark, or Light, of the Divine within us all but we are certainly not God. There is only one God which I now refer to as the Logos. Neither Prophets, Saints nor Angels are Divine but all possess within them the same spark of the Divine known by most as the Soul.

But even those whose lives, energies or sacred deeds may be of note are only named by us humans, because in the realm of Souls all are the same. There is no need of names, of titles, grades or hierarchies, if they exist at all it is only in the minds of men and women. And in that same realm there is a language that is beyond our understanding and is unspoken, when all that we can perceive or conceive must be related to the anthropomorphic form, we wonder why the restriction in vocabulary and in our understanding!

In my understanding of incarnation the Soul is! Passively resident in the Body upon the moment of birth when Mind, synonymous with Spirit and Consciousness come into being. At the moment of my birth, the beginning, all this came to pass and began an energetic journey. Having set the course in motion with a planned projection the energising force of the Soul, the Passive Witness waited to see how the partnership of Body and Spirit would play with the plan.

Early influences began the formulation of my ideas, thoughts and beliefs from those whom I was reliant on for food, shelter and love and over the course of a lifetime there have been many changes in ideas and belief structures, and I slowly became aware of hidden energies not felt, witnessed or understood by most that led me to the understanding of aspects of this universe beyond the physical.

One of which was the possibility of communication with the channels of wisdom available to the whole human race, but sadly refuted or denied and many often persecuted at their mention. There is however a certain glimmer of enlightenment allowed in certain minds that brings these words into our everyday world, permitting us to look at possibilities beyond the daily grind. This allowance of these energies into our consciousness brings with it the concept of being who you want to be, instead of feeling confined to where others wish to keep you.

This new independence will lead eventually to the realisation that our dreams are indeed possible since along with this revelation comes the knowledge that dreams are the fertile ground of creative thought leading to belief in oneself, and this is the beginning of enlightenment. To be or not to be? Yes you can be anything you wish. However it is my belief that for your wish to become real your belief must be without doubt. For doubt will deny your belief.

Don’t forget that in your HPT (Highly Precious Time) you can bring your otherwise silent Soul into the presence of your Body and Spirit to communicate together and ensure that you are all on the same energetic vibration.

Remember that you are Light, you are Love and a Spark of the Divine giving you unlimited possibilities when you focus your energies on the combined goal of peace, joy and happiness. To all those who share this day I wish many blessings.
With Love, David

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2 Responses to TO BE

  1. We are ‘Light’ we forget we are infinite Beings of Light capable of creating Miracles .. We fail because we doubt!
    Another insightful read David 🙂

  2. Thank you Sue, we are on the same path. Love, David

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