In a life when the one in question was known as the Straight One whose Bible was literally that, his Bible, and as far as he was concerned the Book of the Law,
indeed in direct meetings in this life I was struck by his cold and rigid manner especially when telling me to do something I definitely did not want to do, like to part company with someone I thought would make the ideal spiritual partner! But it was not to be and sure enough the master was right and it was far better for the two of us to go our separate ways to forge our own pathways or we would have relied too much on each other!

So with that kind of previous experience I was pleasantly surprised to find these elements of humour coming through messages from the same one from time to time through our friend Dawn Katar.
And here they are:

Free Peace. We’re giving it away to anyone who asks. No cost. No obligation. Bonus Peace when you give Peace to someone else. Thank you.
Ascended Master Saint Germain

Some 5 decades ago, people were so outraged by involvement in war, that they spoke about it, danced and sang about it, handed out flowers as symbols of Peace. Learn from this. Grow from this. Is there anything more important than inner Peace? Cease the fighting within. Cease the arguing and blaming. Cease the judgement and fear. One, two, three, four – what are you fighting for? Let it go and give yourself a flower.
Ascended Master Saint Germain

There is Peace to be found when you touch what is all around you with curiosity and delight. Maybe I am new fashioned, but I really enjoy watching humans play with their hands in the Earth. There are few creations on this planet that have fear of having dirt on them. Please, go to the beach and build a sand castle. Go to your back yard and dig a hole just to make a mud pie. Go to the forest and dig for mushrooms with your hands. Touch things in order to know how distinctly wonderful they are. I give you permission to get your hands as dirty as possible and then wash them before dinner.
Ascended Master Saint Germain

My friends, do not wonder why your life has challenges. The answer is easy – you have created your life to experience challenges in order to practice aligning your frequencies at higher and higher levels. So instead of wondering “Why have I created this?” or “Why is this happening to me?” let yourself giggle and find the Peace within. Tee hee hee so you’ll be free.
Ascended Master Saint Germain

Where is your motivation to remain in a state of Peace, no matter what? We understand that the world of humanity has not presented itself with full reflections of Peace. Yet, each of you has the skill and the Divine within to choose Peace always. Are you willing to stop the whining about what isn’t “right” and simply do what is necessary to attain and remain in Peace? Consider this a cosmic kick in the pants and a loving plea for you to just “Do it”!
Ascended Master Saint Germain

Watch for the trees moving to the rhythm of the Universe. Now close your eyes and feel your body moving to the rhythm of the Universe. This is the right time and place to claim Peace. The Divine is dancing in you. How wondrous!
Ascended Master Saint Germain

It pleases us to notice your progress in pursuing Peace as your principle passion. How perfectly poignant. Power to the purple. I purposely pretended to be phunny. (Originally in purple print.)
Ascended Master Saint Germain
Enjoy the fun in your life, with love, David


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2 Responses to BONUS PEACE

  1. Beautiful article David…. May Peace forever be with you.. 🙂
    Love and Light..
    Sue x

  2. Thanks Sue, and with you, Love, David

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