It is amazing how many times you hear that. Eh?
It seems that the personification of the Devil is cemented into our waking consciousness. Generations have subscribed to the notion that there has to be an opposite entity to Divinity based upon the fear of eternal damnation should we err from the path, that we have allowed ourselves to be controlled and ruled, by those who are supposed to have our best and spiritual, interests at heart.

In the long ago if someone was cured of a disease, warts or even upset someone else they were accused and more often than not convicted of being a warlock or witch and sentenced to the most horrific death by either drowning, strangulation or burning.

It is a sad fact that most are so full of fear that they imagine they will be attacked, robbed or cursed and knowing how the Law of Attraction works that is exactly what is attracted to them whether real or imaginary. This fear which has been preached unceasingly by religion and allowed to manifest in main-street has consequently led to the prolific ownership of guns and led to the inevitable loss of life.

It is assumed that if something goes wrong and they find they cannot blame God, who let’s face it is often treated like a heaven based supermarket owner temporarily run out of something like rain then they have to blame someone other than themselves so it has to be a being called the Devil. But here’s the thing: the devil does not exist, evil does not exist, except in the mind of man, and the energy of Well-being is the only energy that is sent to us constantly.

The problem is that the belief mechanism in the human mind is a very strong emotion, so strong in fact that if you believe that you are the subject of a curse then it will take effect and if you believe in the devil then that too will play an important role in your appreciation of everything in your life.

Conversely even atheists or agnostics, forgive me I don’t understand either, will frequently call “Jesus Christ” in the face of something out of the ordinary, or “Oh my God” not having any faith at all. All I can say is to carry on! Remember that the fear that is engendered by belief in a devil is only placed there in order to put you under the control of someone else when you could so easily be free and in control of yourself.
Self control is a most valuable virtue a bit like patience!
And if you must, say, ‘Devil get thee hence!’
Love David


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6 Responses to WHO THE DEVIL

  1. benabu says:

    Now I read your story, but must say it is not true. There is a devil, and Jesus is real. The devil is the ruler of this current age, but only for a time. It is on account of his presence in the world men are evil. I must not blame; however, the devil for every evil, man as fallen and failing to repent of his short comings are evil by his nature.
    Man has a choice to do what is right or wrong. The devil is behind his thoughts to act evilly against another. When we come to know the Lord Jesus Christ this power will have no authority over us, and the devil if you know it is a person working against the law of God which is love. “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the message of Christ Jesus, but in opposition the devil has turned the hearts of men away from this law. What if we could love each other in this manner, our thoughts then would be to look out for each others interest?

  2. cat says:

    Gods … Devils … Angels … All cause me much pain … Still, I will circle them forever and a day …

    • davidtenn says:

      Hi Cat, Don’t let this circulation get you down. Remember you are the most important one and that only Well-being comes your way to use as is your intention. Love David

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