So, many of my compatriots will recognise the title from the old cops and robbers series, on UK TV some years ago, which necessarily contained scenes of speeding car chases, aggression and violence.

However I was prompted by the words of two inspirers who brought the opposite view to mind:
This had a very personal ring to me since I tend whenever trying to make a point or even just wanting to sound positive to have a less than gentle tone to my words, so I am told, which others take as aggression! Not intended I can assure you, but that’s the way it comes across to some of perhaps a delicate sensibility, or who perhaps feel less than worthy within themselves.

Did I try to excuse myself there? It’s so easy to say oh that’s just me and my natural way! If you fit the bill like me then maybe it’s time to look deeply at how we relate to and communicate with others. I know I’m working on it, trying to be gentler in every way. Isn’t it amazing how others can spark your forceful nature to the fore. A bit like lighting the blue touch paper and then whoa! Stand Back! Better to be a damp squib than a fiery rocket!

It is true that all that we have to say can be conveyed in a gentle tone and often when you lower your voice a silence will descend on your audience as they strain to hear what you have to say. Conversely if you feel that you have to shout then others will shout back at you.

If you could hear God speak do you think He would need to shout? If you can appreciate that God is all love and that the energy he brings to us all is only that of Well-being there is no need for anything except gentleness. If you want peace in your life then shouting will only produce the opposite, whereas if you express love and affection, appreciation and consideration to all then peace will pervade all of your words to those who want to hear.

In your HPT meditation having this simple system of regard and appreciation of others you will be relaxed, accepting and peaceful from the start, able to concentrate and receive the energies that will further enhance your calm and ability to convey only peace, harmony and goodwill to others. This is the essence, the seed of peace that needs to be sown from person to person throughout the world for peace to reign on Earth. Remember that the still small voice inside is the voice to listen to and to repeat in the same tones of sweetness, softness and gentleness.

Buddha once said if you want to know one of the greatest secrets to living in peace, then speak only kind, non-violent words because any hint of blame or judgment is a violation of peace. And I would add, never complain.

If you find it difficult to follow these tenets then join the club. There is no getting away from the fact that we are a warlike race and any traveller from outer space would have a hard time finding a nation, non-violent of their own volition to approach and communicate with, without the consequence of getting shot before any kind of ‘how do you do’ was expressed.

What a sad admission to make but true nevertheless. So as usual it is up to us as individuals to show the softly, softly way and practice ahimsa the way of non violence, peace and goodwill.
Peace be with you, David


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