Do you ever get the impression that you are moving one step forward and two back, getting nowhere? Most of us have been through that feeling from time to time. Frequently the cause is that we are trying to push time! Believe me that does not work and often leads to frantic feelings of frustration or worse.

It was said that Einstein leaned against time and felt it shift and wobble and it was through his ability to connect and understand the makeup of the Universe that he was able through his intuitive sense to bring a measure of understanding to humanity by his acceptance and formulation of the Theory of Relativity. Not that that was complete as his intuitive sense was not perfect but it would do for that time.

So you see there are ways and means to communicate and understand the meaning of life as it affects us as individuals. However there is a misconception that there is nothing we can actually do to change things because everything that happens is according to the will of God and that will cannot be violated or changed.

Somewhere along the line a wire or two have been crossed. I have to tell you that Gods will is for us all to be full of joy, health and happiness. He allows us to make up our own minds though as to how that may be achieved by willing us the greatest gift of Free Will.

Trouble is that mankind frequently makes the wrong choices and the consequent catastrophes he blames on the will of God when it is his own choice that has cocked up the plan for the Planet and life on Earth.

If you are in that state right now of slipping back two steps it is important to understand that the most empowering force that will propel you forward again is your desire for advancement, your yearning to rise above the odds, your determination to succeed.

We have spoken before about the polished facet of failure. You are the diamond and each facet you try to polish is every new attempt to succeed. Failure only proves your attempt and it is the attempt that brings you advancement. I speak from experience as every exam I took I had to retake!

In the chaos of life if you meet with resistance, feel yourself slipping back or stumbling over obstacles, fear not for this is the best thing that can happen, because it gives you the opportunity to overcome those odds. It gives you the opportunity to exercise your mind, body and Spirit to strive, to overcome and to thrive.

Apathy will get you nowhere! Wherever you find yourself and there are many places that this post will probably never reach, but we live in hope, that in hospital or hospice beds, in prisons and places of hidden slavery or the closed minds of the many a glimmer of light will bring the beginnings of understanding. Understanding the urge for betterment is a natural human trait that will bring all to a new expanded understanding of life, if approached in the right and positive way.

In this present time where the expansion of consciousness is paramount we have to say again that the triumvirate of Soul, Body and Spirit are the most important team to cultivate. Use your HPT to cement the bonds of constant communication between all three members, such that in waking consciousness you are still in constant communion and on course.

Sai Baba puts it like this:
Be eager and earnest to know more and more about the art of unperturbed happy living. One can advance only step by step and there is the danger of slipping down two steps when you climb one. What matters is the determination to climb, the resistance with which the tendency to slide is met, the yearning to rise, to progress, to conquer the lower impulses and instincts. If you have that, the hidden spring of power will surge up within you; the Grace of the Lord will smoothen your path. Keep the ideal before you; march on. Only those with ideals are respected and remembered with gratitude, for posterity.
– Divine Discourse, Nov 25, 1959.
Brings a new meaning to ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ Love, David


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  1. cat says:

    I have been thinking about the One Step Forward and Two Steps Back lately as well, Mr. D … taking any adice you moght have … and love you for it … thank you … always, cat.

  2. davidtenn says:

    Thanks Cat for your constancy. I find it a failure on our part that even the young are afraid of failure and would rather sit in silence than make a guess just to avoid failure. (And it’s consequence?) Love David

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