Have you ever wondered where the rules, regulations and spiritual rituals came from?

A message from Sai Baba:
Great sages of the past, filled with immense sympathy for their fellowmen, laid down rules, regulations, limits and directions for daily life and conduct, so that one’s hand and brain, instincts and impulses may not turn against another, but may turn towards the ideals of Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love. They declared that every action must be weighed in the balance and approved only if it cleanses the emotions and passions; it has to be cast aside if it curdles or fouls them. Bhaavashuddhi (purification of mental disposition) should be the fruit of every action. The worship of idols, rituals, vows and fasts, festivals and holy days – all these are designed to tame the wildness and train one to tread the straight path to self-realisation.
-Divine Discourse, Oct 17, 1966

So what happened?
Even those who appear to be so righteous with ritual washing and praying many times a day will not hesitate to stoop for a stone. a petrol bomb or a gun to kill, not always some stranger, but more often it seems a brother of their own professed faith. What continually mystifies me is the apparent ease with which one of the faithful will commit suicide to kill his brothers and sisters and their children. For are we not all brothers and sisters?

Look carefully at the words of Sai Baba again and see why we were given such rules to follow. There you have it! Everything starts in the mind before any act we need to think about what we intend to say and to do. But also understand what effect that will have not only on others but more importantly on us. For rest assured whatever we do has a rebound effect on ourselves. If we send love to our fellows it will be returned to us tenfold. If we send hatred and death what do you imagine is returned to us?

We have spoken of suicide before and that it is a sin not against God but to our own Soul. A suicide bomber does not please God and devastates his own Soul that is filled thereafter with the greatest sorrow.

We all do foolish things from time to time but most of us recover our composure realising our mistake and make amends vowing not to be so foolish again. Instead of following the learned rituals and wisdom of the sages of old some seem easily to fall into the trap of being brainwashed into foolishness as if it were their natural state, not realising the dreadful consequences that have such far reaching and damaging effects to the body, the mind and the Soul.

Whenever there is a natural disaster or accident my heart and prayers go to those affected, but when there is a killing whether in war, individual or multiple my prayers go to the victims and also to the one whose mind was so disturbed to cause such a dreadful act of violence, asking that they all find peace.

To all those who spend their lives convincing others to commit acts of violence and suicide I ask that whichever way they turn they only see love and to those who have been convinced into such foolishness I send love and the way to guide them to inner peace.

Let us turn away from foolishness, pettiness and all that would hurt both us and others. Let us give the gift of Peace to all.
With Love & Peace, David


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  1. Well said David, we never know the state of the minds of others who perpetrate such acts and they all need our thoughts of Peace and Love to surround their souls…
    Blessings Sue

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