You know, having had many different jobs there were moments in each when I felt the most wonderful sense of joy, on a successful lecture and demonstration, making my first sale or helping to save a life. In my family life too, like being present at the births of my two daughters and then in what I call ‘my other life’, I had the wonderful sense of finding my true home, of realising the gift of healing and the sense of being able to help others in the spiritualist movement, but to cap it all in meeting my life partner, the answer to my prayers on line and then in reality!

Some look upon success as the amount in the bank balance the number of cars, houses or horses owned, none of which can be taken with you when you depart this world, your mattress stuffed with money remains where it is for someone else to find. But there is something that you can take with you when you go, and that is your consciousness.

In fact you use it all the time, out of your physical body and away from all the stuff you may have accumulated. You need it and use it every time you dream, still connected to your body but not used by it as you journey wherever you will.

What has your consciousness to do with success? Everything! It is your consciousness that creates who and what you are and also what you view as your experience. It is also the repository of your thoughts, ideas, feelings and beliefs that mould it into you. So if those feelings of yours are predominantly of happiness and joy then that is the only true measure of success.

This then should be your aim: to multiply and magnify feelings of joy in your life. It is the opposite feelings, and there are many of them, that will bring dis-harmony, dis-ease, and dis-just about everything apart from joy that will cause untold harm to your mind and body.

If you are unhappy about anything in your life then the only advice is to find out why! But now, don’t leave it any longer. Then look for the remedy that may be as simple as misunderstanding, but buried deep in the recesses of your unhappy mind. Your behaviour and ultimate success may depend on it. The last resort is to change what promotes those feelings even if it means giving up a job or maybe a partner if all they bring is unhappiness.
The choice as in all things is yours but to be successful be happy.
With Love, David


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