Did you ever wonder why you came into the world?
Did you ever look within and wonder what that prime purpose of incarnation really was? I mean in your particular case.

When you look out now onto your world, you probably wonder what on Earth or Heaven persuaded you to embark on such a perilous journey into the unknown as this weird life of differences, opposites and contrasts has proved to be.

When there is so much talk of Peace, finding Peace within, meditating on Peace and praying for Peace. Do you imagine that you were in fact an envoy of Peace?
God I hope not, that would be an impossible task a bit like Mr Brahimi trying to find and promote Peace in Syria right now! (01.12.2012)

So maybe you thought that we could all find a common denominator and be able to feed that to the seven billion who now exist here on Earth and seed Peace. But I have to let you into a secret: You see it is the very unpredictability of life, even of consciousness itself, that permits us all to be so different and in our perception of the differences to want more of this or that not necessarily of the same, but something more that’s different again!

You see it is our difference that promotes growth into unknown realms of magical and mystical significance. Some of us can’t handle it but there is a growing band of way showers, of forerunners who, with the new energies literally blasting us and our Planet right now, are forging ahead and wanting more, not for themselves but for the growing and blossoming human race.

In this process we are allowing change into, as Shakespeare put it: ‘Something rich and strange’ for in our wanting, our desiring we are inviting the energy of the Law of Attraction to reflect and magnify our fantastic future. We don’t know what it is yet but rest assured it will be different!

So don’t knock difference, look for it, bless it and use it to promote your own future desires, and if they include Peace then so be it. But here’s another rub: Because of our humanness, our difference, there will always be conflict of one sort or another. We have individual consciousness and also race consciousness, but the race consciousness will have a hard time coming to a commonality of Peaceful coexistence for the foreseeable future.

However in your own neck of the woods practice Peace, pray for Peace and reflect Peace wherever you go, and in passing, pass on Peace. Be the first to smile and offer the hand of Peace, the gesture of Peace.
Passing on Peace and wanting more, David


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