AUM Meditation

There seems to be a real predilection in the West for the AUM!
And why not? Concentrating on each of the three syllables with recognition of the meaning of each with successive breaths can bring the self to a level of inner peace ready to connect and therefore receive the blessing of the grace that comes from higher realms.

We say ‘higher realms’ because that is the way we perceive and appreciate the intermediate levels of the Divine Matrix that in fact interpenetrate the space we call our own dimension. There is no division for we are One.

And as with all things we need to remember that we are on the Earth and not of the Earth. It is our quest to experience as the physical aspect of the Soul Witness within that sees and experiences, but does not become tainted by or marked in any way by the experience itself, but like the Soul, for us to enjoy the gnosis or knowing that comes from every aspect of life is paramount.

The most important view in life, however we know it, is to revel in that experience to find joy in every twist and turn of being and learning and managing our purpose through the chaos of life on earth. Through pain or exultation we should not be affected other than to see the joy in all there is. I call this Bliss.

I believe that the experience of the HPT of meditation can help us toward this realisation. Sai Baba puts it so beautifully as follows:
When a plane flies across the sky, it leaves no mark on it, no streak that lasts, no furrow or pot-hole that interferes with the next plane in that path. So too, let any or all feelings or emotions cross your mind, but never allow any of them to cause an impression.

You can accomplish this by inquiry, quiet reasoning within oneself. This method is more effective than listening to lectures or studying books. Little children are trained to walk by means of a three wheeled contraption.
The Pranava is such an instrument, the three wheels being the syllables A U and M. Holding it, you can learn to use your feet of devotion and detachment. If one walks on with the help of this Pranava meditation, one can certainly realise the glory of the Divine, which is the very substance of the Universe.
Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol VI, Ch 27.
Remember that Grace is there for us not just on certain days but every day. Happy HPT.
With Love, David


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