I have always loved dancing – my daughter became a ballet dancer, to my great joy – and I’ve had the notion for some time that life is a dance that we are meant to enjoy. And you will find references to the dance of life occasionally in my poems.

The maxim that we are supposed to be joyful, healthful beings comes through to me more and more these days. Looking at everything we think and watching what we are about to say before we even think of opening our mouths with ever watchful gaze is a start, and concentrating only on those aspects of life that bring and also reflect the best and most supremely positive images, and also of course giving without thought of any return. That’s the formula!

I was thinking only the other day that it’s years since I’ve heard from some who were my wonderful guides and helpmates in this life, perhaps members of my soul family, and wondered why. Then I remembered in the past that Sananda and the one whose message is shown below told two of us not to be together anymore. For our mutual benefit you understand. And my own maxim that unconditional love can sometimes look like indifference …

You see within the dance are the straight and often obvious paths that we daily ignore, that perhaps appear too rigid for our own sense of freedom, but of course are never so when we venture onto the road that stretches in front of us in plain sight. We just need to trust and find the courage to step onto the new way. The new way in more ways than one. (Of course not new ways at all it just makes us feel good if we call them that!)

Our sense of rhythm can come from the natural rhythms that surround us in Nature.
I love to sit inside with tea and crumpets on a Sunday afternoon, with no TV or music, listening to the patter of the raindrops. Equally I love to wrap up well and walk in the wind and storm, seeing and hearing and feeling the crashing waves on the rocks and the swaying of the mighty trees that bless the countryside where we live, moving and swaying to the wishes of the wind.

The one who watches but does not speak to us directly of late echoes these feeling here:

Watch for the trees moving to the rhythm of the Universe. Now close your eyes and feel your body moving to the rhythm of the Universe. This is the right time and place to claim Peace. The Divine is dancing in you. How wondrous!
Ascended Master Saint Germain
Love David


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  1. I read this on my phone and had my battery been fuller would have replied there and then, I so related to this post David, And yes our Guides and helpers change over the years along with our circle of soul members we touch this side of life..
    I had not been working the platform for this past 6 weeks, having given myself the Summer off. And despite my meditations, felt inside alone and more than a little lost at times during the Summer.
    Yesterday I started my platform work around the Churches again, and all day had felt no one draw near..
    I opened in prayer and a calmness swept over me, as the words tumbled from my mouth profound and heartfelt.. My philosophy speech came next .. And again my words never faulted as Spirit guided my talk was about Change from within..
    And lastly My Demo was accurate and tear jerking as family were reunited across the divide.
    My Universe was Dancing again…
    We ALL but need those seeds of faith, as we join the Universe in her eternal Dance.. as we blend our faith and let the Wind blow her gentle vibrations into our hearts..

    Thank you for such a wonderful post.

  2. davidtenn says:

    May God bless your Ministry Sue and your messages brings peace to all who are prepared to listen. Love David

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