I couldn’t help passing this on just as it came to me from Abraham:

Many people are approaching life from the flawed premise that if they work hard and struggle long and pay a big enough price, they will then be rewarded with financial well-being.

And since they do not realize that in their struggle they are denying themselves alignment with the abundance they seek, when the abundance does not come, they attribute it to luck or favouritism that is being directed away from them and toward another. But there is no luck or favouritism.

There is only allowing or resisting, letting in or keeping out the abundance that you deserve. As you gradually train your own thoughts into those of positive expectation, as you align with thoughts of worthiness and Well-Being, as you align with your true power by seeking good-feeling thoughts-you will no longer offer resistance to your own abundance. And when your resistance stops, your  abundance will come.

A flood of good-feeling ideas and possibilities will flow to you. Opportunities and propositions will be plentiful. And soon you will stand in knowing amusement that all of this was always there within your reach, but in your resistant state of attraction, you were not yet able to experience it . . . but then, it came-not because of your struggle but because of your ease.
Love David


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1 Response to ABUNDANCE or NOT

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Thank you Abraham, thank you David … I will offer less resistance to Life and go with open arms and open mind along the path of Abundance.
    Thank you for being a Light among nations…

    With Love,


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