Here’s a thought dear to my heart:
So many of us get really upset at the trials and troubles that life brings and in particular the nasty little chores that just have to be done each and every day.

My Mum, God Bless her, bought a new set of china, the year before she passed away, to replace the stuff she’d had at the guest house all those years ago. And it was one of those things Mum felt a bit guilty about, you know a few quid off the inheritance!

O yes! She new she was on the way with a motorised morphine pump for the pain for two years there was no other conclusion, but I encouraged her with all my heart to have that little bit of pretty pleasure in her life. Yesterday I started to renovate and resurface her octagonal mahogany tea table, twenty six years after it came to me. And the tea set? Well that went to my youngest.

Luckily tasks like renovating antiques are my hobby so that is no problem but all the DIY, the Cooking and the Gardening, and the Poems and Stories are something else. What else you may ask? A chore? No, certainly not!

Here’s the thing:
You have a very important guest coming for tea, (now you see the reason for the tea set and table) it could be the vicar or the priest, I’m not fussy. Not important enough? How about the social services lady to check up and see if you are worthy to adopt a baby? Still not good enough? Well, my guest as always, whether I cook a meal or do the dishes, or lift a duster which I admit is a rare event, my guest is God.

If you hold the thought in your mind that you do everything for God, as if he was your house guest, because let’s face it you keep your mind and body clean and clear as the Temple of the Lord, so why not your home? At least I hope you keep yourself good. Folks do tend to let themselves go. Don’t you think?

We tend as a race not to care for ourselves or for others and there are those of us who still treat each other as slaves or cannon fodder with no respect or love in their hearts. Baba sees things from a different perspective as always and brings these thoughts to us:

Humans are the most devalued entities today; everything else has steeply risen in value. People consider themselves cheap as they do not know their own greatness or worth. For they fritter away their time in paltry activities and petty pleasures, lowering their self-respect and injuring their physical and mental calibre. They do not know the alchemy by which every failure or disappointment can be transmuted into a golden chance for self-surrender and for building up the bulwark of devotion. Learn how to elevate the smallest act of yours into a means of realising the Grace of the Lord. The scriptures declare that this can be achieved by worshipping the lord by dedicating one’s duties to Him.
Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 6, Ch 13.
In Love and Faith, David


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