Have you been there before?
More than likely yes! But that in itself will be difficult to comprehend, I know because it could be anywhere in this world we are talking about and maybe you have not travelled much in your life or maybe you have and not had that experience?

Although some may have had these weird experiences where we go to a strange place and somehow we know what is round the next corner or behind the following door, which we marvel at when proved right, but for the life of you cannot explain!

One such occurrence of mine started with a dream the night before and since I was to visit a place that was dangerous it was a warning for me to look out for various things to avoid. I now understand that these warnings are ways that the Higher Self can tell us about possible future dangers. So we should take note!

Being a visual sort of person I have seen things in my mind’s eye of places I visit later that I’ve never been to before and ‘lo and behold’ my visions were correct!

But this is only part of the story because so far we have been talking about the physical existence here in this life and how help comes to us in these ways.

But of course you might say that the images I received were from a previous life, but in one instance I can say categorically that everything was too new, too concurrent with my work at that time to be previous.

Your possible comment could have had some merit though as we shall see:
As I have said we are walking three dimensional beings, not in the way you might imagine, because we are a walking, talking three dimensions all at once being! Soul, Spirit and Body, all in different dimensions!

The body has only been in this life, but then surprisingly so has the Spirit too which began its existence with the gift of consciousness from the Soul to the Body at the moment when the baby was capable of sustaining life, and according to the rule book should dissolve and download its contents of every happening in a long or short life into the Akashic Record when the body itself dies. So both only have memories of this life to draw upon.

The Soul though is another matter entirely since it is eternal and is the only common element of every one of your lives ever lived and like as not, has been around as they say, and been to many of the places you are likely to visit again even in a different time frame. It also remembers every event in every life and is capable of offering experiences to the Spirit to help the Spirit and Body on their journey in this life.

Trouble is that the Spirit is an independent sort of entity and can either accept or reject the offer from the Soul thinking it is perfectly capable and preferring to go it alone, confident it will manage any difficulty and challenge set for it to overcome.
Can you see the gift of Free-will creeping in here even at this level?

These offerings can be presented in a number of ways gently to persuade the Spirit to follow the plan set by the Soul and the Higher Self. Your daily HPT Meditation wherever it takes place, visualisation if you are so inclined on your future projects and journeys or in the dream state.

The latter gives the opportunity for the Counsellor Angel, often called Guardian or Recording Angel to try to help and will often take this period of time when the body is at rest to warn the consciousness of impending danger or disaster. However it will be done in such a way that only you can interpret the signs and symbols and scenarios given as a dream. Maybe some of your dreams will begin to make sense now?

In all of these revelations I hope that the message between the lines is coming through loud and clear that you need to know yourself, you need to remember, record and learn how to interpret your dreams and to pay close attention to your Trinity meetings where you all, Soul, Spirit and Body have the chance to have your say, to ensure that you are on the right path to pursue your true purpose on Earth, avoiding as much as possible the pitfalls on he way.
I hope I haven’t been here before! (In the literal sense) Love, David


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2 Responses to DÉJÀ VU

  1. Another wonderful perspective David, and yes those dreams do speak to us.. And Yes I have been here before both spiritually and Literally I will be BACK! to comment again! 😉

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