After ‘Funerary Rites’ it seemed only right to investigate imagination.
It appeared on rereading and reflection that imagination, as used in that post, was rather confined, but of course imagination as we all know is often used as an excuse. Saying by some, ‘Oh I have no imagination!’ As my Gran would have said, ‘What Tommy Rot!’ Whether we want to admit to it or not we all have it, but to varying degree it is true.

Whether you are an audio sort of person, a feeling sort or a visual kind will affect the way your imagination is expressed or manifested for you. So if you are not that visual gal or guy like me then the pictures that you see in your mind’s eye may be not as clear as others may see, but make no mistake, whether you see yourself doing something or whether you feel yourself doing something it is still imagination at work and is the precursor to everything you contemplate, because it has to come into play before you create anything.

Folks have different ideas about creation itself, but let’s be clear whether you are a mechanic, a carpenter, surgeon or artist you create nothing with your hands. You make things or you do things or paint a canvas with your hands, but you create with your mind, your consciousness.

The notion of being a co-creator with the Logos or God is an idea that seems so far removed from possibility for most, that they imagine that they will have to travel a difficult path of discipline before they can come close to such a calling.

I hope I do not disappoint you when I say that like it or not you are already a co-creator with the Logos. How could you not be with part of the Logos within you? Now whether that will influence your creative thoughts to follow a more beneficial path is entirely up to you because even in this scenario Free-will has its place.

You imagine every thought, every idea, every plan, every shopping list, every time to bath the kids, every meal to cook, every word and every action that you are likely to take. So in this respect you could change the way to imagine to understand that everything has a Divine connection for you. No doubt a certain tennis star would say, ‘you can’t be serious!’ but oh yes I have never been more serious in my life.

When it comes to that connection it is not as if you have to reach for your Iphone, Tablet, Laptop or PC you are connected, which is maybe something that you have never imagined before, but let me tell you this is the absolute truth!

There is nothing in this world that was not imagined either Natural in the Divine mind of the Logos or Manmade in yours or another Human Beings mind first before it came into manifestation.

Here we need to step over one of the boundaries of imaginative creation into inspiration. Take good old Einstein, whom I have used as an example so many times before, who was not a good student, but such a great example, who could not get a job to teach basic physics, but then came out with the General Theory of Relativity and went on from there!

So where did that come from? He claimed, as did many others who have come up with other ideas that have revolutionised the science of Physics and other sciences, that it was their own.

Use your imagination for a moment and think about a huge pool of knowledge, one that includes all of the sciences that apply to every planet in the universe to the ones of much higher technological knowledge base than our own which some call the Universal Consciousness and others the Akashic Record.

And again imagine if you could have accepted such a notion and then by sheer concentration connect with such a pool of knowledge in the realisation that it could solve your problem. Well, this is just one of the avenues that inspiration uses imagination for, if you are only up for the experience.

This pathway actually opens up the same possibility to all of us in every walk of life if we are only prepared to use our imagination.

Go imagine and create yourself a new, rewarding and happy life.
With Love, David


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2 Responses to IMAGINATION

  1. Very true David.. we are creating the future this very moment.. Everything here was once someones thought.. Wonderful post 🙂 As I skip to create HAPPY! thoughts.. 😀

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