Ever since I was at school I loved gymnastics and being able to control my body through various vaults, ginormous jumps like the Flying Angel where I would launch myself from a spring board, fly through the air to be caught by the instructor. My grandson seems to be following in my flying footsteps!

Then there was the agility mat where I really excelled, but little did I realise at the age of thirteen that ‘mind over matter’ would become such an important part of my life and which at the time was considered the stuff of fairy tales by those who tried to teach us! Little did they realise that they could only hope to help us find what was already within us, at which they sadly failed miserably! That had to come later.

Disease begins in the mind first before it appears in the body!
That may be news to some but believe me it is the truth and when you consider that the most powerful creative machine in you is your mind it is no wonder that it all begins in the consciousness. For instance through personal experience by imagining a set of circumstances as a child I created a condition that came back time and again when anything stressful happened in my life.

Another example: Those who suffer with hearing difficulties should seriously look at themselves and what they want to accept in their lives, ‘For there are none so deaf as those who do not want to listen’. If you are one of those unfortunates, then ask yourself what it is that you don’t want to hear and really listen to?

Is it a secret you would rather no one else knew about? It may sound simple but when it comes to health and well-being it is often the simplest thought that causes the worst effect and the cause, as always, is within us! Unfortunately the medics rarely get to the cause and only concern themselves with symptoms.

So true when you consider that tinnitus is considered to be a condition of the ear, whereas in truth it is the body itself that is only showing us how it is working. The problem is that we do not pay attention to the body, listen to it or speak to it so how can we be expected to turn off the sound of silence?

Instead we listen more and more to the roarings, flowings, the pumpings and digestings thinking they are something that a pill will cure when in truth we just need to learn to turn off the transmissions and come back to them when we are ready to listen and communicate again. Remember our little gem of wisdom?
‘Talking to your self is the beginning of wisdom!’

There are things that can speed up or slow down the rate at which your body manages itself. We all know of the different foods that relax us or keep us awake, but besides the intake of physical food there is also the intake of mental and emotional material that speeds or slows the consciousness which again has only one method of expression and that is through the body.

Whatever we think sends out a signal, a vibration that can be picked up by the right receiver and believe me there are multiple receivers that are tuned in exactly to your particular frequency doing all that they can to warn you of dangers and to help you all they can through the difficulties that you may face.

There is one proviso though: The self imposed set of symptoms that there is not much any outside agency can do about and any remedial action has to come, in that instance, not surprisingly from you!

There is only a brief moment in time that is of any consequence to you and that is the moment of Now! This moment, the moment you read these few words are the only moments that matter. When they are gone it is up to you to do something about what you read or not. It’s up to you! Remember that action needs to follow understanding.

That essential moment is the moment when the primary connection is activated. When your vibration is picked up and immediately responded to. If you are not listening, not aware then the moment is lost. If however you are in a receptive mode then it could be the answer you have been looking for.

Remember everything begins inside and everything worth having is received inside so be aware and notice the change in consciousness that will change you forever! Once you are changed you will see the world in a different light and in that light your world will also change forever! Remember it was your mind that made the change. Love, David


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5 Responses to MIND OVER MATTER

  1. Speaking from a point of one who has healed from within the symptoms I created .. It took me a while to grasp it was me who was at ‘dis-ease’ with myself.. But once I looked and took charge of my mind over matter I was able to heal the symptoms of several Chronic complaints I suffered with… We are what we think.. and we do not realise the damage we do to our bodies as we hold onto hurtful wounds and pain which often can be expressed in illnesses… Many thanks David for this excellent post over Mind over Matter… Blessings Sue

  2. cat says:

    Lovely post … as always … thank you, David … this self proclaimed atheist is reading your teachings religiously … have to smile at myself, because of that … saying hello sunshine to something inside me, that I thought had died along time ago … blessed be … Love, cat. PS: Uhm, about the avatar … did I say already … I guess I did … mmmh … smiles …

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