It is supposed that the Grace of the Lord is a gift, some say as a reward and some say on certain days or at certain times, again as some sort of Divine Blessing, which has no specific purpose, but which is given at the whim of the Lord Logos and at a time (human time you understand) to suit us!

It is a sad fact that the way the world appears to us in all its horror on our TV screens, with what used to be the occasional outbreak of violence or war, has now descended into every day Days of Rage! Whose fault is that? Are we without Grace?

The media still have not got the message that the only way to promote good is to report and allow everyone to become conscious of good, and the only way to promote bad is to report bad. You know the old saying the only news that sells is bad news. Whose fault is that?

Are you aware of the real purpose of the Grace of the Lord?
Well, first let’s get a few things straight:
Question: When is the Grace of the Lord given?
Answer: Constantly!
Question: How do you receive the Grace of the Lord Logos?
Answer: Only you can receive the Grace of the Lord and when you do it becomes your Grace. If you do not allow it then it passes you by and you do not receive it.
Nothing is imposed on you, but everything, every gift is offered to you and it is up to you to allow yourself to receive it.
Question: Why is the Grace of the Lord given?
Answer: The Grace of the Lord Logos is given to make you attentive to everything and everyone.
Question: How does that manifest in your being when accepted?
Answer: You become more conscious of everything and everyone around you. In short you become more compassionate in the Glory of the Divine Grace of the Lord Logos. You begin to understand that the needs of others are more important than your needs.

A short story on sharing from Baba:
Once upon a time, in Tamil Nadu, lived a poet saint who squatted on the small veranda of his hut and chanted beautiful songs to the Lord. One day, it was raining heavily.
Another man came and asked him if he could also take shelter there. The devotee said, “There was place just enough for me to stretch out, but now that you are here we will both sit erect.”
Later, another man stopped by and asked for shelter. The devotee again agreed saying, “There was place for the two of us to sit. Now that you also have joined, let us all stand.”
He thus taught the principle of helping everyone and not sending anyone away who needed help, even when the means are limited.
Cultivate this attitude of sharing with others any good thing you have. Thus you can practice daily, the great principle of finding God in every being.

The poet allowed himself to receive the Glorious Grace of the Lord and showed it by sharing his limited means with others, in fact he recognised the Lord Logos in the others who joined him. And therein lies a lesson for us all!

You are not forced to receive anything, but it is up to you to use what is offered for the sake of your brothers and sisters. This is the Grace of the Lord Logos in action.

Remember that the Days of Grace, the Days of Rage are entirely yours.
Ask yourself: Why should the Lord Logos interfere with the way you have treated each other – man’s inhumanity to man is entirely ours, and in the way that you have mistreated and depleted the Planet of which you were given to become the caretakers. Whose fault is its depletion?

If you with advanced technology were able to assess the state of humanity and of the planet, like any advanced alien passing by, would you say we were winning or losing? Would you say that you recognise the Logos in all whom you meet and that you were allowing, ignoring or denying the Glory of the Grace of the Lord Logos?
With Love, David


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