This dream came twice in the night and was a repeat of similar scenarios, as if someone was trying to give me a message, which I was either refusing or too dumb to appreciate or remember.

To become a proficient Dream Scientist requires a considerable dedication and work to understand one’s own signs and symbols, which can vary over time just to confuse us! It must also be known that the interpretation can only be your own so don’t expect anyone else to unravel your visions for you. No two people are alike and even identical twins are a misnomer since we are all unique, in every sense, especially the dream sense.

Let me set the scene of the dream:
A normal young couple with a male lodger getting ready for work, the female partner never said a word, busy with makeup in between slurps of coffee and the languid lodger still almost naked, clean, well groomed and with a hint of makeup round the eyes too. They both seemed happy enough in their own way.

I on the other hand could only see clutter and confusion. I was surrounded by things, so much stuff that just sat there and took up space with little purpose. I asked myself, in the dream, who was I? No answer!

With one day’s growth of a really dark shadow of a beard, I had on a raincoat but no clothes underneath, not showered yet and searching frantically for my wallet. I was running out of time and although the lodger asked if I was OK I decided not to shave that day and to ask my partner for some money to get me through the day. I was in a state to say the least!

I realised that I was always losing things. With so much stuff in the house it was a wonder I could find anything! Why did we buy all those things?
I asked again, ‘Who am I?’ Still no answer.

To give some perspective I’ve never valued money much. As long as I’ve had enough to live that’s OK and when the moneys gone for that month well we can’t spend until the next paycheque. Wealth to me has always been in people, friends, animals and nature. Of course the ultimate wealth is life itself. In retirement with a new real life partner things have change and budgets are carefully managed!

I looked at the lodger and wished I was as free as him, with few responsibilities, and in the dream realised that I was the false image that every man or woman hoped to be. I was the everyman who had lost his way, his purpose, his true wealth and replaced it all with unwanted wealth. Baubles, bangles and beads came to mind.

When you look around at the stuff we buy, the presents that are frivolous, whether for adults or children, it makes you wonder how we lost our way.

It seems that awe, beauty and wonder have taken on totally new meanings as have true value and life purpose. The dream time is a highly important time of reciprocation and interchange between the waking and the sub-conscious mind.

Is it the dream time that will ultimately bring us all back to our true purpose and restore value to human life? Our North American Brothers might say so, even that the Dream is reality and we live in Illusion – Dream on! No really, DREAM!
Love, David


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2 Responses to UNWANTED WEALTH

  1. yes David, I think we are being shown how our material world is now crumbling, and what matters is not our material wealth, but the wealth we have long forgotten and that is what our Native American Brothers spoke of… To honour the Earth, and to learn to live with her sharing what she gives, not to keep taking, but to respect her…

    Money is but paper, we have learnt to barter with…. I think in the distant future our bartering tools will be our skills, as we learn to co-operate not only with Nature but with each other….
    Blessings Sue

  2. Wise words Sue. Many thanks, Love, David

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