How do you seek peace? Is it peace for yourself, for your family for your village, town, country or for the world? If you are like me it spreads across the globe!

We all seek peace in a million ways, you know the old adage: ‘Peace at any Price!’
It’s as if we would give up our life for just a moment of peace. Do you think that peace will bring you happiness at the same time?

When life is all about learning, learning in this schoolroom of Earth where challenges abound and chaos seems to be the best place to be so that we can use our best endeavours to prove ourselves. Where we are never set impossible problems, which I prefer to call opportunities, to prove that we can in fact cope and do our best at everything, which is all anyone could ask of us!

My heart goes out to those who have been taught to kill in the name of world peace, who after their stint of duty arrive home shell shocked and mentally devastated only remembering how to kill, taught by the very governments who proclaim to be the peacekeepers of the world, and leaving the countries they claim to have set free of tyranny in a worse state than when they set out on their crusade to rid the world of terror, but then leaving their own crusaders to flounder in the mire of unknowing.

Crusaders have been with us for hundreds of years all acting under the banners of the One who has no name and these days trying everything like cruel sanctions as a means to force others to conform to their way before threatening to blow them off the face of the Earth if they don’t conform.

What are these sanctions doing, not to those in control who quite rightly feel they should be left alone to govern themselves, but to the ordinary people like you and me who find empty shops of every kind from food to fuel.

My heart goes out to the peoples of every nation, and I mean every nation, who find themselves in this position. I try to put myself in the place of folks in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, etc., and the list goes on, but I find it impossible to imagine what they must be going through, especially those in the midst of war of one sort or another. And let’s face it wars now are fought on physical, mental, commercial and cybernetic levels, and probably more in secret that I don’t even know about. Any war in any form can only bring madness because it is madness.

By many standards I live a privileged life, I have a roof over my head and a government pension that gives me enough to eat and clothe myself.

What must it be like to live in a refugee camp trying to escape from war, or with no shelter out in the open due to a natural disaster such as an earthquake or volcanic eruption and having to rely on handouts from aid agencies who can’t even get to you?

These you could argue are the challenges set for us to manage and overcome as part of the steep learning curve that is the sole purpose of life on Earth for the benefit of Soul growth, but that is of little comfort and must only serve to magnify the weary way to peace that is our lot in the current crusader climate.

For me the level of peace begins with acceptance and contentment with the current circumstance. To bring the mind to the level of contentment with whatever and wherever we find ourselves is on the same plane as the level of consciousness that represents Happiness to me.

Sai Baba in his unique way is eloquently translated thus:
People seek frantically for peace and happiness in a thousand ways along a thousand roads. Real peace is to be got only in the depths of the spirit, in the discipline of the mind, in faith in the One base of all this seeming multiplicity. And the joy of that experience, the profound exhilaration which accompanies it cannot be communicated in words. All shravanam and kirthanam (hearing and singing God’s names) is to take you nearer that experience. Shravanam is the medicine that you take internally and kirthanam is the balm you apply externally. Both are needed. Develop devotion to the Lord using as many means as possible. Your mind and the intellect must be trained and controlled, that is the sole aim.
Divine Discourse, July 10, 1959

You notice that as usual Baba does not predict your faith or path, that is left entirely up to you as is only right, but his directions may be difficult to follow. Who said the way was easy?
May your path be straight and brightly lighted with Divine Light, leading you to Peace and Happiness together as you respect your sisters and brothers chosen pathways to the Divine.
With Love, David


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  1. David, your thoughts here I totally feel, as I empathise so much with those who are caught within the suffering of conflict…. It saddens my heart greatly… But your wise words and those of Sai Baba speak Wisdom… For to know Peace.. we must also experience Chaos … its a dilemma I often ponder upon,
    All we can do is try to maintain our own inner sanctuary of peace as we try to spread it to others….
    Thank you for this enlightening post David …

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