In preparation to teach I asked the question: If Body, Mind, Consciousness and Spirit are one for one life, then how can I explain the Soul that has within it all of our life’s experiences. Is it another form of memory or consciousness since it is part of the Divine?

As I wrote this ENIGMA was playing:
“Look inside my heart, look inside my soul”
((Thank you Sue Dreamwalker – one of my favourites))

The answer came back: ‘How can you explain the obvious?’
This was referring to my previous postings on the subject of the Soul being the Spark from the Divine Fire.

So I took it one step further back towards the Source through HPT (or to the uninitiated, in my Highly Precious Time) where physical senses like eyes and ears are of no help and where purely the inner self has ever been of any aid through its connections to the Divine.

Why the inner self you may ask? And again obviously the inner self is the Soul which it its passive state is the witness, but in HPT where the Trinity of Soul, Spirit and Body can come together and under the right conditions all is revealed in its time, all is shared, healing is given and in our physical form we feel sensation.

Sai Baba says below that the Divine is beyond sensation and certainly the Divine Lord Logos does not speak but imparts in other ways through His Counselors, Angels and those who have given themselves as Guides for your lifetimes during this life and your HPT.

Divinity is above and beyond the intellect and unreachable through the senses. It is its own law; it is independent of all restrictions and modes. Each of the senses can perform only one operation to contribute to gathering knowledge. The ear can inform you of sound; the eyes can speak of colour, the tongue of taste, etc. Know that the Divine is beyond all sensations and systems. Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution (Srishti, Sthithi and Laya) are three expressions of the Divine will. You must penetrate the inner meaning of Creation (Srishti) by performing your duty as worship (Karma Yoga), you must grasp the significance of Sustenance (Sthithi) through Devotion to the Lord (Bhakthi Yoga), and when you attain wisdom (through Jnana Yoga), you arrive at the experience of Laya, Union with Divine.
– Divine Discourse, Oct 12, 1964

Our own sensitivity grows over time and we are all different in the ways that we allow, accept and perceive sensation through all of our physical senses and through our inner selves, and just on this one point I am slightly at odds with Baba through the total connection matrix that I know is possible to the Divine where eventually we will achieve Union with the Divine Lord Logos.

And the other aspect of the Divine that is rather left on the sidelines by Baba is in that in my view we are never apart from the Divine, whether we choose to deny Him or not. With increased sensitivity you may begin to feel, yes feel a certain presence. Let me assure you right away it’s not your increased sensitivity to the WiFi, remote controls or other electromagnetic or electronic devices in our ever electrified homes.

Trust yourselves my friends that the Divinity by whatever name you choose is within you, is around you. I can’t tell you how you will sense or feel, but in a long life in many so called spiritual situations it comes in some very interesting impulses, or as the physicists might say waves or particles as they don’t seem to be able to make up their minds, but as we are all different what’s in a wave or a particle between friends!

Seriously: The Kingdom is here, but man’s interpretation leaves a lot to be desired.
With Love of the Logos and Love of you all, David


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