At six in the morning I woke from a dream.
I was waiting for a lift in a foyer crowded with mostly young people when a young man not much more than thirteen years of age began to speak. His clear voice rose above the general chatter, it went quiet, we all stood and listened:

When it comes to their turn will you turn them away
Or will you give them the chance they need so much?
Can you look with kindness at crippled broken bodies
Different, but with needs and desires the same as yours
Damaged and torn apart by disease or pointless war,
Knowing that inside we are the same sisters and brothers?
Can you lift the hand to point the right way forward
And also reach behind to help others not as fortunate as you,
Who may find the pathway difficult at times and stumble?
I am young and need your help, your guiding hand and love,
I look at you with respect for your wisdom and experience.
Will you grant me the same respect when I don’t pray like you?
I know you cannot prove to me that He exists or not!
But in my own way I know Him, feel his love and believe in Him.
I don’t want much, just somewhere warm to sleep and pray,
A little food to eat and that chance to do my bit to earn my keep.
To work for the common good, for in my heart I have a feeling
That if we all come together and use what we have within,
We will begin to bring the world back from the brink.
I know that we are not the same, but we are all special
I don’t know what it is, but we all have a treasure inside.
Some call it a gift which we should use for the sake of others!
That sounds good to me. The best feeling is when you help!
He finished with a smile.
The Ping! Of the lift sounded.
‘Who told you to say that’ I asked.
‘Margaret Thatcher’, he replied.

I realised that I was the tall older man in the brown coat and hat to whom the boy seemed to be speaking and I was also the boy. Who are you? Are you one of the crowd or do you identify with anyone outside of your own comfort zone? Is yours the helping hand or are you in a position to offer that chance?
If the truth were known none of us need much, there’s a lot we can do to help ourselves and a lot more we can do to help each other.
Remember this was a dream!
With Love, David


About David

Devonian writer
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3 Responses to WAITING for the LIFT

  1. Kumar Gautam says:

    Hope all humans dream like you 🙂

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