How does the song go? ‘What the world needs now is love sweet love … ’
Since the sixties, if not from way back, there has been the thought that we could all get on much better if we would learn to love each other, no matter what family, clan, colour or country we are from.

Having been a student in Brighton, England from 1960 I have always tended to agree with that sentiment, but as they say: ‘everything in moderation’.
You could say that we are in a right pickle right now, that perhaps in the spirit of love and when the going gets as tough, as it is right now, we need to get going!

I am sure that the general public in all countries would prefer to be in work and most that you talk to believe that the austerity measures doled out to all the failing economies have been too harsh and we should in that spirit of love have concentrated on knuckling down to some good honest work, even at half salary, just to get things going again. I wonder if the unions, which I always felt had become too powerful and priced themselves out of work, would allow that kind of sacrifice for the good of us all?

But apart from that you have to give credit where it is due and applaud the efforts of Obama and Cameron to negotiate a new trade deal across the pond between the US, the UK and the EU. But then the best laid plans of mice and men cannot always take into account the secretive, not to say spyful, ways of all nations until the whistle blower throws a spanner in the works. Or would you rather he kept his mouth shut and we were all kept in the dark?

At first the US was upset and now France, Germany, Greece, you name them, are all a bit miffed to think that they are being snooped and spied on at every turn by so called friends and expectant new trade partners!

As another song said: ‘What’s love got to do with it?’

You may well ask and the answer is, not a lot when greed and fear hold sway! Sadly this is no longer a question of good or bad, this is now the essence of the cultures we have cultivated and fostered to feed our voracious appetites for one-upmanship at any cost. It is in fact at the cost of the most precious values of honesty, brotherhood and love in exchange for fear, doubt and greed. Is it any wonder that our cultures are in chaos?

How about a good hard day’s work for an honest day’s wage? Not just for your own good but for your family, your town and your country. Much wisdom is coming forth right now from the indigenous tribes who would never have descended into the pickle we find ourselves in now. If only the powerbrokers of the world would listen! They could make a start by taking the following advice from Sai Baba:

What the world needs is more hard work, done in a spirit of sacrifice, of relinquishing one’s personal comforts to make others happy. Every being has truth, sweetness and Divinity embedded within them. Only they do not take the time to learn how to manifest that latent Divinity, how to realize the Truth and how to taste that innate sweetness. Hence people carry the twin burdens of joy and grief tied to the ends of a single pole slung across their shoulders. Courage is the tonic for getting health and strength, both physical and mental. Give up doubt, hesitation and fear. Never give any chance for these to strike root in your mind. Take the Name of your Favourite Lord and savour it on your tongue – it will help you give up fear and doubt. Through your own inner divine strength, you can achieve anything. You can become God, for sure! Keep the Name of the Lord always on your tongue and in your mind; it will help you give up fear and doubt.
Divine Discourse, Sep 2, 1958.

We were brought up in the culture where the work ethic was paramount and any job whoever menial was better than no job. And when we had no job we busied ourselves picking up rubbish and keeping the place clean and tidy to prevent disease and infestation on all levels. We can all make a contribution even if you can only manage to sweep and mop the piece of pavement outside your own pad, especially if you do it with a willing heart as your contribution to the common good and in the knowledge that all work is in service to the Lord.
What will your contribution to the common good be today?
With Love, David


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  1. An excellent post David… I commend the courage of Whistle Blowers David.. and what the world needs now is more of them to stand up and be counted.. Sorry to sound a bit extreme… But if we want the world to change for the better then we need to stand up and try to change it.. By altering our perceptions and ways of being ourselves… Too long have we been brought up with our ingrained teachings past down through our generations.. And too long have our Spiritual side been neglected in favour of worshipping our other God.. Possessions! both in the Material and in Control of others…
    The TRUTH reveals ALL in time… and those who fear the Truth know only too well the lies they share…
    Blessings my friend

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