Here’s a thought or two from Abraham:
If you get a diagnosis that is not what you want to hear, the tendency is to say, “Oh, my god! How did I get so far away from something I want so much?” And we say, it isn’t big like that at all — it’s just a series of little things. It is the, “I could choose this thought which feels good, or this thought which doesn’t feel so good. But I’ve developed a pattern for what doesn’t feel good. And so, it is the daily dose of not being in the receiving mode that keeps me not in the receiving mode.” And that’s all that it is!

So can you see the pattern emerging here?
Joy is the only goal! So when you make a choice, what is your reasoning behind that choice? Is it a choice that makes you happy or is it a choice that makes someone else happy? Does it give you a warm glow of joy inside or does it just make you look good in someone else’s eyes? Are you seen as the great organiser, the great provider, but at your expense causing your own resources of energy, wealth and health to just dwindle away. Who gives you thanks for that? Is it just that you like to be seen as a martyr? If so, where is the joy in that?

It may be something little each time but in the long run when you’ve added up all the little things you have something that doesn’t make you feel good, at all. I mean the real you inside not the reflection in another’s eyes. Each time you make a silly decision, not looking for your own happiness and maybe not even someone else’s but just something as nebulous as reputation that will be gone tomorrow, is there a hidden formula for happiness in that? If so I missed it!

Let me be frank: Many of us are so filled up with parental beliefs and standards that are concerned solely with filial duty and service or working all hours for the company or the state, not one of those authorities seem to consider the finer things of life like joy, love, peace and well-being unless it is measured by cash in the bank. Which, let me tell you does not buy happiness! And if you suffer an unhappy death tomorrow, as the old adage says: ‘you cannot take it with you’.

So the critical diagnosis is not the one you receive in the post or sitting in front of your consultant, it’s the one you have to make before you choose any little thing.
Think well my friends. Just another little thing, or maybe lots of little things, to consider when you are looking inside to see who you really are, and in the process deciding what you really want in this life!

What would your own diagnosis be? Are you living up to the divine dictum or are you living a life that knuckles under and tries hard to please someone else, enhance your own status or reputation. Please, please yourself! Much has been written about the need to remove desire from your life and from your consciousness, but each time I read these exhortations there is a failure adequately to define desire.

I am quite sure though that there is a common misunderstanding and a mistaking of lust for desire, or desire for lust. Whereas I only infer the need for us all to desire to want to improve and search for the good, the joyful and the happiness in all that we think say or do. In this way we encourage the energy of the Universe to flow through us and we allow the Law of Attraction to bring to us more of that which we desire and try to manifest in our lives bringing well-being and happiness to ourselves and those with whom we connect.

So the question is: Are you in the receiving mode?
I sincerely hope so. Love, David


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2 Responses to RECEIVING MODE

  1. David I so hope I am in the receiving mode my friend :-).. What we give out we get back.. Thank you for this 🙂

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