This is for Cat and others who found the Post from brother Abraham intriguing.
It was in the sixties when I was at college in Brighton, England, then the Beatles went to India, met the Maharishi and TM or Transcendental Meditation was hailed as the most important thing to travel from East to West.

Of course all meditation is transcendental and we refer to it as our HPT or Highly Precious Time. Having said that it should be appreciated that meditation whether of the self or guided by an other may not be for all, as meditation is a long word and holds within it many different forms which some may not find acceptable, quite the reverse and as they may see themselves as not achieving, stressful!

As many are often confused with finding peace we must encourage all to find peace of mind before entering any of the forms. And we must say there is peace in the cry of a baby, the roar of distant traffic, the constant hum of the tram or train you may travel on the way to work and when the first glimpse of daylight hits the eye of the cockerels the sound of their songs to see who can crow the loudest at five before the dawn is merely the peace of the heralds of a new and wonderful day.

The patter of raindrops, the beat of feet on the running track or the repetition of footsteps on a forest floor maybe all that is necessary to take you to the point of connection where you will receive the inspiration from your Higher Self.

It could be a life’s quest to define, locate and connect with your highest inspiration that will without doubt bring to you the multiple benefits of connection with the Universal Consciousness. But make no mistake the inspiration should not be deemed by the ego as your own mind, but seen as a gift from your Higher Self.

Many athletes and workers have reported that they get to a state of almost automatic pilot when the body runs on its own without conscious direction, and their mind is left free to concentrate on the surrender and opening to the Higher Self. This altered state of consciousness brings with it many gifts that percolate through to your daily life. Not to be undertaken while operating cars, bikes or machinery though!

The ability to focus and concentrate on whatever you are doing will make you more efficient, the ability to deal with stress will take away its power and make you the master. The chaos that life brings becomes your greatest joy giving you the ability to cope with anything that life throws at you with consummate ease. And dealing with people, especially those who may have appeared before as difficult, will become a dream.

You can engage with HPT at any time and in any place to suit you, remembering that it is you that is important here and not me or we or any Guru who may try to tell you otherwise. Do not be put off by what you may have heard, just a few minutes to start in a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed is a good place to start.

The word meditation comes from the Greek and means from within you, in other words something that you have brought to yourself by your own concentration, but to begin with it is helpful to be guided by someone else, and a good place to begin would be at: although that is only over the periods of the solstice /equinox but do go there to find out when the next is due to start. It will also introduce you to the thirteen Chakras if you are not already familiar. A must for anyone following the Ascension Path.

Who knows we may meet in the same moment of HPT. I look forward to that!
Watch out for PERFECTION! Coming soon.
With Love, David


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  1. cat says:

    I’m looking for perfection, alright, Angel messenger … have been looking for a long time … I’m not much into teachings by anybody, have some serious trust issues, I guess … want to find my own way … but cannot ignore your teachings … have been mulling your teachings over for a while now … I’m in a strange place right now … hard to describe … almost know what I’m looking for … please keep writing for people like me … thank you, David. Love, cat.

  2. davidtenn says:

    Hi Cat, sorry again for the mix up. You can find a fuller explanation of my TM which i call True Meditation in my e-book entitled Journey Through Many Lifetimes – by David Tenneson through Amazon. Love David.

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