Much is spoken about the perfect World or Universe, everything being just where it is supposed to be and all in its place. All of us striving for the perfect self in perfect health. Well, I guess many friends will be disappointed when I say I do not believe in perfection!

If the Universe were in a state of perfection with every cosmic body where it is supposed to be everything would be held in stasis with no room for change or improvement. And we know that cannot be true as Sirius for instance is no more but still referred to as if it remained in existence, merely because it was so far away that we can still view it’s light across the many light years it will take before we can see its demise! I view all as being in a state of becoming, becoming better, improving , expanding in consciousness, knowledge and wisdom.

Some view enlightenment as the be-all and end-all, the state of perfection to which we should all aspire. Again to me that is not what it is all about. Enlightenment is a constant process of becoming for on the first or the highest level of the ladder viewable there is always, always more to reach, to achieve and progress through.

Much of what we can appreciate with our ever improving means of seeing and recording is beyond us. We can only understand so much of firstly the optical spectrum and now the infra red and ultra violet and just beyond through the radio frequencies, the rest may take many years to decipher.

Certainly we have a problem understanding anything that cannot be related to the anthropomorphic view of angels, gods and aliens, and our limited vocabulary inhibits true understanding of the dimension that surrounds us. Not surprising when we cannot understand or manage our own little 3D world!

So we often berate ourselves for not achieving what we set out to do, if not chastised by others, but reaching that goal of perfection is again not what it is all about. To partake, to try, to take the journey is the prime directive the only important aspect of our living and becoming through life.

You will never achieve what you set out to do in the way first perceived for all changes as it unfolds and the goal itself may change or move further out of reach or disappear before it can be reached. If you think you have reached your goal think deeply and think again. You often hear that someone moved the goalposts!

Oh! there is one thing that is perfect and that of course is the first cause of all there is. Nameless but given many names.
With Love becoming, David


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3 Responses to PERFECTION

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Hi David – yes, indeed, the one and all .is the only perfection – the one who has no name and whom we call by so many, he should our only example but then our limited vision prevents us to see beyond what our eyes and senses permit us to notice.
    Perfection is not of this world, for there is always something to better or make more perfect. Artists are never fully happy with their work, but still we, their fans, call it perfect. So why is it then that we are so involved in with perfection and never quite find it ? We “discovered” that even those we call the utmost perfect beauty paragons use “Photoshop” tricks so to persuade us that they are what they are not. The Mirage, the ultimate illusion, let us see oasis in the desert where there is only sand and so we go through life and life and life again. Till when ? Till we have reached “perfection”.and are absorbed in the Nirvana of the Nameless. That is what the Buddha, I believe, was teaching us and which made so many of us shudder in disbelief. Perfection is reaching the state of no return which by most is considered a no no or the incomprehensible finality of the soul.

    Perfection is a word which we find in the dictionaries between perfectible and perfectionism. It’s up to us to be perfect as our “Father” in Heaven is perfect.

    Thanks David for this “perfect” post.
    Love and light to you and all those who will read your post.


  2. cat says:

    My other comment on meditation was kind of a cry for help … but no reponse speaks for itself, too, I guess … be well … and blessed be … cat.

  3. davidtenn says:

    Dearest Cat … so sorry things have got mixed up here for some reason the following should have been posted first. Please forgive. Love David

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