Whatever else you intend to give up on your journey of Ascension through downsizing and simplifying your life here are some others you may not have considered:

If you follow us on Hanukah as well you will know that we encourage you to think and say and act in a way that responds to what happens around you, so as to attract the Uniforce of Love to aid you in the changes you need to make in your life.

Sai Baba has brought us his own unique perception of the way Divine Love, or what I call the Uniforce, rushes to help you and how you can attract it into your life:

(Sounds a bit like ‘allo allo!’ But try to ignore that.)
I shall tell you just one thing, which is the essence of all noble scriptures. I want you to resolve to follow this, every single day –

“Do not seek to find fault in others. Give up maligning and injuring others in thought, word and deed. Do not scandalize anyone; do not feel envy or malice. Be always sweet in temperament; use soft and sweet words. Fill your conversations with devotion and humility.”

Live in Love, for love, with love. Then the Lord, who is Himself Divine Love personified, will grant you all that you need, without you asking for anything. He knows. He is the Mother who does not wait to hear the moan of the child to feed it. He anticipates every need and rushes to you with help that you must have in every occasion.
Divine Discourse, July 13 1965

You may say, ‘well it doesn’t happen like that for me. But we have to understand that, even if we do all that Sai Baba recommends, unwittingly we put up barriers that prevent the Divine Love from reaching us. We only have to say to ourselves: well I don’t believe it, or I don’t deserve it, or someone needs it more than me, or anything like that is enough to close the door in the face of all goodness. You get the picture. Don’t do that, don’t say that, don’t think that. Give up hurting and maligning yourself and hurting a maligning others.

What you need to do is to accept that as far as God is concerned there is no one else more deserving than you. When God looks at you, you are his only child !
And remember, you are constantly in the sight of God.
With Loving Kindness.


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