We all want peace and with the images of the Days of Rage entering our consciousness day by day through the world news we wonder if it will ever come.

As an attempt at light relief we watched a program on the work of CERN on the many experiments of the Large Hadron Collider to try to find the Higgs boson Particle. Referred to by some as the ‘God Particle’, which is supposed to be the necessary particle in all things that gives mass.

A question emailed to the program went like this:
‘If the Higgs boson particle is the God Particle, to which religion does it belong ?’
The question I have for you is: ‘What do you think ?’

One of the many beautiful images beamed back to Earth of distant galaxies, by the Hubble Space Telescope, see above, has the vague shape of an eye and was immediately named, ‘The Eye of God’.
Another question, ‘Where are we going ?’

As mankind looks beyond the confines of Spaceship Earth you would have thought that the mind also would have expanded beyond the consistent anthropomorphic imagery that pervades our every waking, religious or spiritual thought. Or are we so locked into our ancient superstitions that we will never break free ?

Or, on the other hand, is there a key to help us do just that ?
I have always said that there is more to find in the depths of uncharted earth before we venture into the beyond. But even more revealing that that expeditionary force would no doubt find, I believe that many if not all of the answers we seek are actually inside each one of us, and for that you need go no further than your own armchair.

‘How can we see the unseen, the intangible, the invisible ?’ I hear you ask. Well I don’t have the answer but I know a man who might. Or should I say I know an Angel who does. My dear friend Archangel Uriel came through Dawn Katar this morning with this little gem:

With all the beauty in this world, there are millions of ways to experience Peace. If you do not recognize the Peace, perhaps you are not looking through the correct lens.
Try using your God Lens (exclusively available through your Inner Self).
Archangel Uriel.

Welcome to my world
Love David


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