We are all the same, of one common race of beings, and yet within our race are a multitude of ethnic differences of stature, skin colour, facial features such as lip, nose, ear and eye shape and we also enjoy the fully formed folk who are either much larger or tinier than the accepted norms including the colour changes that even expand or diminish across the species into the realms of the albinos. But even with twins there are no two persons alike.
In short we are all unique.

There is a lot of talk about finding one’s Soul-mate. You know, the never ending search for the perfect partner with whom maybe to start a family and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Does anyone out there have a satisfactory definition of a Soul-mate?

Hmm! It must imply someone with a Soul the same as yours. Impossible!
If you thought that you were unique as a human being, then you ain’t seen nothing yet on the Soul scale! And to find another even remotely similar would be not just impossible but infinitely impossible!

OK that was probably a bit of a shock but look at it logically, just on the human scale, can anyone really know anyone else completely? You see two nuns walking down the street in exactly the same habit with the same respectful almost subservient gait walking close to the wall. They have the same faith, well, even that’s a stretch, they know and recite the same hymns, psalms, prayers and responses and even passages from their Bible by heart and even with their vow of silence they are not completely alike.

The boy or girl you meet who seems to fit your personality, your likes and dislikes, it feels like putting on the same pair of gloves for a complete fit and you think this is the one, but some way down the line, with the way life takes you, your different jobs and hobbies, you might think that you complement each other but you are and never will be the same. And there could come a time when these same supposed Soul-mates will outgrow each other!

So were you wrong? In the grand scheme of things there is no right or wrong, just difference. So for the time you are together make the most of that time and gain the greatest joy from your differences which could be for a lifetime!

You see it is difference that brings us out of boredom and into interest and we know that the elevation from animal to human consciousness brought with it the opportunity to review the past and to project into the future, unlike animals, enabling man to use that most valuable aspect of consciousness ‘memory’, for we are told without interest there can be no memory.

So when you are past the search for a Soul-mate and both you and the simile you are happy with have come to the realisation that interest is everything, if you practise that most valuable of human attributes you should never suffer from short or long term memory loss or other types of debilitating dementias.

There is a lot to be said for something I don’t see much of these days but reminds me so much of my youth when, as you walked down a street, the curtains would twitch. You see the old biddies of the parish knew all that was going on, they poked their noses into everyone’s business, their interest was kept alive and they lived to a ripe old age with all their marbles intact.

People seem to be too busy these days to care about their locality, no one knows what’s going on and crime runs riot, but you know it’s probably still the best bet when tracing your family history to talk to the oldest living female relative to get the facts about the family before you go delving into the parish register!

There have been races of beings, even on this planet in the remote past, where beings were not born as we are today and their method of reproduction was quite different. Did you think that the stories of the Biblical scribes of God breathing life into beings was just a poet’s way or a fairy tale or was there more to it than that? Could it be that beings born by breathing were so much more alike, almost that we might term clones in our current parlance.

Why don’t we actually remember all about that? Were we not interested or did it occur before we gained the magic of memory? The verisimilitude of ancient stories must have hidden within them the ways and means and maybe, just maybe we are remembering the distant past when we were in fact all Soul-mates.

Those who are inclined will probably go stalking off into a desert to try to find remains of such beings, but you know I prefer to be an armchair archaeologist, if that’s the right term. We mentioned consciousness and certainly this avenue to the Akashic Record will prove far more accurate and far less arduous.
Try it, you’ll see. Love David


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3 Responses to SIMILE and DIFFERENCE

  1. We humans are only just upon the cusp of knowledge that we have long since known and long since forgotten as we have been engineered to forget so we can remember ! Lol. And I also like my arm-chair! 🙂 great thought provoking post David
    Sue (via phone!)

  2. cat says:

    Husband/ wife … Lover … Friend … All have potencial to be our soulmates … my soulmate is neither … she is just my soulmate … and that is a beautiful thing.

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